Holo Paint Splatter Design

Hi Everyone.

So if you read my last post I attended the Glamour Magazine UK Beauty Festival this past weekend. The event was all about free beauty treatments and testing new products, so ideally I should have left my nails naked to have them spoiled. But I’m an addict and I couldn’t resist having something sparkly on them.

I decided to go for a bright coloured ombre with holographic silver paint splashes over the top.

Here’s the end result!



These aren’t what I imagined in my head. The silver holographic looks more like its been dabbed on using a sponge rather than the usual splashes. But from a distance they were very eye catching as the silver would catch the light and they would sparkle, so I was ok with that.

To create this design I used 3 polishes to make an ombre base. For this I used all Barry M polish. The purple is Speedy Quick Dry in Need For Speed. The green is Gelly Hi shine in Green Berry and the pale yellow is Lemon Ice.

Barry M Green Berry

Then to create the paint splatter effect I used an old straw dipped in a Color Club Holographic polish from the Halo Hues collection called Harp On It. For anyone who likes high shine and uber sparkles on their nails then the Halo Hues collection is for you.

Color Club Halo Hues in Harp On It

Once it had all dried I topped it all off with Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Quick Dry Topcoat.



For me this is a #nailfail. It wasn’t the design I imagined and it did seem a shame when everyone was having beautiful nails designs created at the show and I had these. However I did grab a few OPI polishes whilst I was there so I’ll be using those soon.

So that’s it. My holographic paint splatter design which I wore to the Glamour Beauty Festival.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


To purchase any of the Color Club Holographic Polishes use the link below:



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