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LivOliv goodies – Autumn Vibes

Hi all.

So after much deliberation I decided to take a step back from blogging. I wasn’t feeling the joy like I normally do. The writing felt like a burden and a waste of time.

Sorry, that’s a sombre way to start a blog.

Basically, I decided to back off from 3 blogs a week and just do a blog when I feel the urge.

And so, here I am.

This blog is all about Autumn shades.

LivOliv, owned by the lovely Sue, has kindly sent me such a variety of shades over the last year that I now almost have a full colour spectrum! So picking my Autumn favourites has been a pretty easy task.

Starting this selection off with my favourite of the four, Scarlet.

LivOliv - Scarlet @klenails
LivOliv – Scarlet

Scarlet is a super intense and sultry red shade which I adore. The above photo shows 2 normal coats with no top coat. The polish has a slight gelly texture which could be used to create most nail art techniques. The formula is so easy to work with I managed to get a full coat in one layer but did add another to intensify the colour a little.

LivOliv - Scarlet @klenails
LivOliv – Scarlet

I’ll certainly be wearing this shade with some killer heeled boots, red lips and a sassy attitude this Autumn!


Next up is Sea Cadet.

LivOliv - Sea Cadet @klenails
LivOliv – Sea Cadet

Sea Cadet is one of the only matte finish polishes I own that I really like. It’s the cherry on top of an already fabulous shade.

LivOliv - Sea Cadet @klenails
LivOliv – Sea Cadet

The deep navy blue of Sea Cadet was a one coater, but once again I added another coat for a more intense look. This shade would look great on nearly all skin tones but best against a paler skin, I think. A really lovely colour.


Next is Who Done it?

LivOliv - Who Done It? @klenails
LivOliv – Who Done It?

Who Done It? is a yummy aubergine purple shade, shown above wearing 2 coats. The formula is lovely so it glides on really smooth. This one is also a gelly based polish but if applied well it can be made opaque. It’s such a nice shade for the Autumn season that I know I’ll keep grabbing for it!

LivOliv - Who Done It? @klenails
LivOliv – Who Done It?

I’ll be wearing this shade with a chunky knitted dress and boots on an Autumn walk!


Lastly is Marguerite.

LivOliv - Marguerite @klenails
LivOliv – Marguerite

I know, I know, it’s a green.

BUT it’s such a dark olive green that it’s almost black, so it passes through my green intolerance. It’s one of those shades that when you look at it, it could easily be black until your up close and then you see the green tones. It’s the perfect shade for any pale or winter toned ladies out there. Also, Halloween is coming up and this screams witchy nails to me.

LivOliv - Marguerite @klenails
LivOliv – Marguerite

For a slightly more feminine turn with this shade, add a super sparkly accent nail. I recommend Liv Oliv Glass Slipper.


So there we go ladies and gents. My Autumn favourites.

To purchase any of these gorgeous shades simply click here to go straight to the Liv Oliv website.

Liv Oliv specialises in vegan, cruelty free and big 5 free beauty products, which I fully support. Who wants to hurt animals for a nice manicure?

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



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