#VillainsvsPrincess Belle @klenails

#VillainsvsPrincess2 Belle

Hi all.

I promised I would be on time for this prompt so here I am.

I’ve been saying to myself for years I need to massively improve my hand painting skills. It’s one of those skills that I find gets rusty when you don’t use it so often, and since I’ve mastered stamping, I’ve got lazy.

I wanted to hand paint a silhouette of Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, into this design. I planned to use a decal from Shop Keeki as the base shape. After a crazy amount of failed attempts, I buckled and instead filled in the decal from Shop Keeki with colour.

For the base, I wanted a deep royal blue, the same shade as the infamous evening jacket the Beast wears. For this I used A England’s Spirit of the Moors. A holographic royal blue that stole my heart pretty hard!

A England - Spirit of the Moors @klenails
A England – Spirit of the Moors

This gorgeous blue needed two coats for a solid coverage but once it’s on, it’s easily one of my favourite blue’s ever. It’s very twinkly with the subtle holographic pigment but also the blue is so striking it would easily work without the sparkle.

To this lovely blue base I added some fairy tale themed stamping images and a rose, all from Uberchic plates.

Uberchic 1-02 & Fairytale-01 @klenails
Uberchic 1-02 & Fairytale-01

Also, as previously mentioned I filled in a Shop Keeki decal of Belle with colour to add to the design.

Here is the finished result.

#VillainsvsPrincess Belle @klenails
#VillainsvsPrincess Belle

It’s actually better than I imagined with the colours of Belle’s dress. Plus I think the royal blue background really brings out the yellow gold tones.

To fill in the decal and rose design I used a selection of polishes.

Sparklea – Hufflepuff (yellow)

Barry M – Tiki Hut (brown) Sunkissed (nude) Cardamom (green) Dead Heat (red)

Also to create all of the white stamping details I used my new favourite stamping product, Twinkled T stamping polish in Glow Up.

Twinkled T Stamping Polish - Glow Up @klenails
Twinkled T Stamping Polish – Glow Up

If you don’t have any experience with stamping polish, this is where you start. If you want a reasonably priced but amazing stamping product, this one is for you. The polish picks up so crisp and clean. There is no over powering chemical smell. Its also fluid enough to wear as a normal polish without looking too thick. It’s a great all rounder!

To finish off my design I added a layer of Box Polish top coat. This kept my nails super shiny for 5 days before I removed the design.

Fancy a close up shot of Belle and the rose?


So there we have it. My (on time!) entry to the Disney #villainsvsprincess nail challenge.

#TeamNailPrincess all the way!

Next week look out for Pocahontas!

Thanks for reading.

Kat x






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