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LivOliv goodies – Summer Wedding

Hi all.

Around a year ago I met Sue.

Sue had just taken over the UK indie brand Box Polish and she needed help swatching, so I jumped at the chance. I’d heard of the brand Box Polish but had never purchased them before, so I was excited to see what goodies I would get and finally try out the brand for myself.

Over this last year I have had so many fabulous things from Sue. Gorgeous pastels, metallic shades and some sumptuous smelling hand creams and oils.

Then, during one of our regular conversations, Sue let slip she was working on something amazing.


I was so pleased to hear Sue wanted to put her own mark on this brand and all her plans and ideas are well worth the hype.

So ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce to you all…


A name chosen by Sue’s daughter, LivOliv produces cruelty free, non toxic and vegan products that will suit anyone. There is pretty much every colour imaginable in the polish range and a large selection of oils and lotions to suit any skin type. Plus, being UK based and hand made, you can rely on great products and spot on customer service.

Do you want to see some goodies?

Of course you do!

I was sent such a selection of polishes that I have decided to break it down into smaller groups.

This first blog is dedicated to the shades that I think would work perfectly for any impending Summer weddings you might have.

So first up we have the aptly named Bridesmaid.

LivOliv - Bridesmaid @klenails
LivOliv – Bridesmaid

This super sweet and sparkly pink is something I would normally avoid. It’s nothing to do with the polish, it more the eye wateringly sweet shade of pink. I don’t really have a favourite shade of polish, I definitely have a few I hate but pink isn’t one of them. I tend to reach for a vampy shade of red or black or if all else fails, a sparkly number.

So I was really happy when I applied this shade and I loved it! The formula is amazing and I only needed 2 normal coats. The photo above is without any topcoat and yet you can still see the lovely sheen it has on its own. The polish is packed full of pale pink glitter which has a pearlescent glow.

Any blushing bride or beautiful bridesmaids would look fabulous wearing this shade. It is soft enough to almost be a nude on some flesh tones so it wont distract the attention from dresses or bouquets. And yet the subtle sparkle gives it a little wow factor!


Next up is the gorgeous golden number that is Orion.

LivOliv - Orion @klenails
LivOliv – Orion

Orion screams glitz and glamour to me. For the bride who wants a show stopping colour that will sparkle endlessly, this one is for you.

Orion is made up of lots of little gold glitter and larger silver holographic glitter. It doesn’t matter what angle you hit it with light, its glittering! This is 2 hand painted coats, so no sponging needed! I did find that this one has a slight textured finish to it, mainly due to the larger glitter. It’s totally unnoticeable when you add a layer of top coat though, which for me is great as textured polish is another one of my marmites!

I think that this shade would look fantastic against a wedding dress, especially if the brides accessories were gold. It’s a sure fire way to add some extra sparkle!


Next up is the subtle yet stunning Peaches N Cream.

LivOliv - Peaches N Cream @klenails
LivOliv – Peaches N Cream

I absolutely love this shade. It will look completely different on other skin tones but on my warmer and darker skin it looks good enough to eat!

Peaches N Cream is a pale peach crème polish that is opaque in 3 thin coats.

As a swatcher there is a holy grail in polish. If the polish looks like its been photo shopped onto the nails, you’ve hit the jackpot!

The formula is seamless and it applies like a dream. I did get a little over excited and try to rush off to photograph it within minutes of applying it, and I’m even more pleased to say it was totally dry within minutes. The formula is long lasting too! I had this shade on for 4 days recently and had no visible tip wear or damage to my nails.

For the brides looking for a soft nude shade, I highly recommend this one! Even the darkest of ebony and the lightest of porcelain flesh tones will look lovely against this shade.


Lastly is the lovely Lillian.

LivOliv - Lillian @klenails
LivOliv – Lillian

Lillian is a soft and creamy lilac shade. The above photo shows 2 coats with no top coat. The polish has a lovely subtle sheen to it without the top coat, but for a longer lasting finish I would recommend a layer of LivOliv Shining Armour topcoat, which you can purchase directly here.

Although this shade would fit happily in any Spring wedding, I’m thinking that it’s an even better shade for a Summer wedding. The softness of the lilac reminds me of a silk bridesmaid gown or a lavender bouquet.

Like all the polishes I have spoken about, the formula on this one is lovely. It paints on fabulously. The above photo is 2 normal coats and no top coat, and once again the polish has a lovely shiny finish even without the top coat.

This shade would look great with any theme on the blue spectrum. Dark blue bridesmaid dresses (which is exactly what I had at my own wedding) would allow Lillian to pop a little colour against a darker canvas.


Summer weddings can be a hard event to plan for, but with these 4 shades, your nails will be bang on trend and looking fresh!

All of these goodies are now available to purchase on the new LivOliv website. With 2 size options available even the most price conscious of brides can get her hands on these pretty products.

To purchase these 4 goodies or any other LivOliv products please click here.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next LivOliv blog post which will feature my top Autumn picks!



Thank you Sue for this amazing opportunity and I wish you only the best with your wonderful new brand!

Kat x



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