Ard As Nails - Cocktail Collection @klenails

Ard As Nails – Cocktail Collection

Hi all!

Sorry for the radio silence once again.

After a very long and emotional 6 months in which my husband went away for work and left my son and I alone.

He finally returned last week.

My inner light has switched on, my soul is content and I couldn’t be happier.

And so blogging hasn’t even been on my radar.

However, normality is slowly returning and so I’m back with a very photo heavy blog.


For any of my regular readers, you will all know my favourite kind of polish has to be thermals. The fact that you can get 2,3 and sometimes 4 looks from one polish amazes me. When I’m wearing thermal polish I will find a way to keep heating or cooling my hands. It can even make me want to wash up!

When I heard that Ard As Nails would be releasing a thermal crème collection I was excited. Then I saw the amazing swatches from my beloved Lorna aka @thewellpolishedblog and let’s just say her swatches brought all the girls to the ‘Ard!

I managed to get my hands on the whole collection. The collection consists of 6 amazing thermal beauties.

Ard As Nails - Cocktail Collection @klenails
Ard As Nails – Cocktail Collection

I wasn’t 100% sold on them in the bottles. Their true beauty is revealed once they hit your nails.

Starting off this blog is Manhattan Skyline.

Ard As Nails - Manhattan Skyline @klenails
Ard As Nails – Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline was my instant favourite.

This polish has a beautiful bright aqua tone when warm and a lilac purple tone when cold. As suggested by Ard As Nails, I wore 3 coats. This is to achieve a solid opaque look and to also build up the thermal pigment to allow for a more intense transition. The formula is so lovely and creamy.  The polish also dries to reveal a gel like shine even without topcoat.

As you all know I have a tendency to pick blues and purples and this polish covers both bases. Check the slideshow below to see the hot, cold and transition looks.

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With a name like Manhattan Skyline, I decided that I had to add a skyline detail.

To achieve this I used images from Born Pretty stamping plate BP-124 which I was sent to review and Twinkled T’s black stamping polish, Vibin’

Here’s the finished look!

Twinkled T - Vibin' @klenails
Twinkled T – Vibin’

I love how this looks!

Manhattan Skyline provides the perfect background for this skyline scene. The starkness of the black against the brighter shades makes the skyline pop so well. I really love how the aqua blue and lavender shades mesh to create a sunset effect.

It’s a really lovely shade which looks even more amazing with the stamping over the top!



Next up from the collection is Cosmopolitan.

Ard As Nails - Cosmopolitan @klenails
Ard As Nails – Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitan is a super sweet pink shade that turns to a pink red when cold. Again, you can see how shiny the polish is without any topcoat.

I loved the transition on this one. Mostly because I don’t tend to wear soft pale pinks very often, so the addition of a warmer pink makes this a hit.

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This shade had me feeling all sweet and girly so I added some white rose details.

Twinkled T's - Glow Up @klenails
Twinkled T’s – Glow Up

Using Twinkled T’s white stamping polish, Glow up, and Uberchic stamping plate 1-02 I added this basic rose outline design. When Cosmopolitan transitions between colours it gives the roses either a dewy pink tone or an almost red hue.


It’s a really nice look and still really simple to recreate.


Next up is Purple Gecko.

Ard As Nails - Purple Gecko @klenails
Ard As Nails – Purple Gecko

Purple Gecko is two very contrasting shades. A turquoise green when warm and a deep purple when cold. It’s such an unusual combination I wasn’t sure I would like it but once it’s on, I couldn’t help but love it.

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Both of these colours made me think of the sea. A deep lagoon or a tropical bay. So to this shade I added some seaweed images from Uberchic stamping plate 2-03.

Ard As Nails - Purple Gecko @klenails
Ard As Nails – Purple Gecko

I wanted an image that would enhance the colours rather than cover them and I felt like this design worked. I can easily see the colours behind the image and yet the white stamping looks bright too.


Purple Gecko is a really lovely colour which will suit any skin tone.


Next up is Tequila Sunrise.

Ard As Nails - Tequila Sunrise @klenails
Ard As Nails – Tequila Sunrise

This one gives me serious holiday vibes. Two amazing shades of orange in one polish!

Tequila Sunrise is a pale orange when warm and a deeper warmer orange when cold.

It’s looks exactly like a summer cocktail should look, so it suits the name well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aren’t those colours just lovely?!

So to this one I knew I wanted something holiday themed. I found the perfect image on Uberchic 2-03.

Ard As Nails - Tequila Sunrise @klenails
Ard As Nails – Tequila Sunrise

Those palm tree’s just make me want to jet off somewhere hot!


The strong black silhouette created using Twinkled T’s Vibin’ creates a wonderful contrast against a beautiful base.


Next up is Singapore Sling.

Ard As Nails - Singapore Sling @klenails
Ard As Nails – Singapore Sling

This one provides another interesting transition.

Singapore Sling jumps from a super sweet pink when warm to an aubergine black when cold. It’s a pretty yet bold colour change.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I knew this shade would work perfectly with a Peek-a-boo stamping image.

It’s my favourite thing to do with a thermal.

To achieve this I used Barry M Cosmetics Sugar Plum from the Gelly Hi Shine range and an optical illusion image from Uberchic stamping plate ‘Op Art Magic’.

Ard As Nails - Singapore Sling @klenails
Ard As Nails – Singapore Sling

The stamped image almost disappears when the polish is warm.


I really enjoyed this Peek-A-Boo style design.


Last from the collection is Minty Mojito.

Ard As Nails - Minty Mojito @klenails
Ard As Nails – Minty Mojito

Green isn’t my go to colour so I wasn’t looking forward to wearing this shade. And yet, once again, I really liked it once it was on my nails.

Minty Mojito is a neon green when warm and a darker green when cold.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The green colours made me want to add some leaf images and I found that Kiwi from Barry M Cosmetics  Gelly Hi Shine range, is the perfect shade to stamp with.

Ard As Nails - Minty Mojito @klenails
Ard As Nails – Minty Mojito

I found another seaweed image to use, this time from Bundle Monster BM XL25.

Somehow my macro image for this one has become a broken link so I can’t attach it here sadly.


So there we have it. The beautiful 6 piece thermal collection from Ard As Nails.

Out of all the colours I would have to say the Manhattan Skyline is my favourite. But in all honesty I do really like all the colours.

The formula’s are all great to work with. A perfect crème consistency which allows for easy application and an intense shiny finish.

For all of my swatches I used 3 normal coats to help create a deeper opaque finish and a stronger thermal transition.

The whole collection is available to buy on the Ard As Nails website. You can either buy them individually in 12ml bottles for £6.50 each or get the whole collection for £36 like I did. They are well worth the price, especially considering that each polish is two colours your actually getting 12 shades from 6 bottles! To purchase them as a set please use this link.


Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x




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