Twinkled T - Vibin' @klenails

#VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas

Hi all.

So I’m late.


There’s something about this challenge that makes my brain close down. Once again I had the design all planned and ready and yet, here I am 2 days late!

So, straight in to it, this weeks prompt was Pocahontas.

It’s not one of my favourite Disney films but I do remember watching it a lot as a child.

One of the most vivid memories I have from the film is the Colours of the Wind. When Pocahontas stands on top of a waterfall and hundreds of brightly coloured leaves float past on the breeze.

That was my inspiration for this design. I also knew I had to include Grandmother Willow in my design somehow.

Here is what I came up with.

#VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas @klenails
#VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas

It wasn’t exactly how I imagined it would look in my head and I did smudge my stamping polish with my top coat. So this is exactly one I’m super proud of, but you get the drift.

To create this design I used a whole range of Barry M shades.

Barry M shades @klenails
Barry M shades

In order we have Blueberry, Mango, Pomegranate, Kiwi, Mustard, Chai and Almond.

I began the design with a base of Blueberry.

To create the leaf stamping I used the reverse stamping method, Twinkled T Vibin’ stamping polish and filled in the leaves using the colours above. The stamping images are from Uberchic plate 2-02.

Twinkled T - Vibin' @klenails
Twinkled T – Vibin’

To create the wood effect on my pointer nail, I started with a base of Chai and using Almond placed the wood grain image; also from Uberchic 2-02, over the top.

To finish it all off I used Barry M Pumpy top coat, and this is where the problems started!

The images were so crisp and transferred really well but the lines began to look streaky as soon as the topcoat touched my nails. I even noticed that the colours inside the leaves had bled over too. I’m disappointed as all my other top coats haven’t caused this problem. I would not recommend Plumpy top coat!

Overall, I’m not overly happy with this design but I ran out of time and then the top coat smudged it. Hopefully my next entry to #TeamNailPrincess is much better!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



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