Seaside Nails Design

Hi Everyone.

Around November time in 2015 I was invited to attend the Instagram UK Nail Meet Up. We all travelled down to London and went for lunch. I met 5 lovely, talented women who were as kind in person as they are online. One of those beauties was LL. She is a stunning little red head who I loved straight away. We both have young boys and are from the same area so it was only natural we became good friends. We arranged to meet again, bringing along our boys, to have a catch up.

We decided on Southend-On-Sea being the location for the meet and then of course a nail theme was decided. I made the suggestion of seaside themed nails and we both agreed.

So here is my seaside theme.

Seaside Nails

To create this look I used 3 Barry M polishes to create the gradient base.

From the cuticle we have,



Blue Grape

Bottle shot of Blue Grape
Bottle shot of Guava
Bottle shot of Blueberry


Then to create the sea foam effect over the top I used the hairspray water marble technique. For this is used OPI Alpine Snow into a room temperature cup of water and once the drop had spread just squirt some hairspray into the polish and it separates to create the bubble like look.

Bottle shot of OPI Alpine Snow

Once this had all dried off I topped it all with Glisten and Glow’s HK Girl Quick Dry Topcoat and added some pearls and starfish studs all from Born Pretty Store.

I love this design. I have always wanted to live by the sea as I’m obsessed by being in the water. I think maybe deep down I’m part mermaid. So anything to do with water I love!


Thanks for a great day out LL, really lovely to catch up again.

So there it is, my seaside theme nails.

Thanks for reading

Kat x

If you don’t already follow LL, go check her out!!













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