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#VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas

Hi all. So I'm late. AGAIN! There's something about this challenge that makes my brain close down. Once again I had the design all planned and ready and yet, here I am 2 days late! So, straight in to it, this weeks prompt was Pocahontas. It's not one of my favourite Disney films but I do… Continue reading #VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas

#VillainsvsPrincess Belle @klenails

#VillainsvsPrincess2 Belle

Hi all. I promised I would be on time for this prompt so here I am. I've been saying to myself for years I need to massively improve my hand painting skills. It's one of those skills that I find gets rusty when you don't use it so often, and since I've mastered stamping, I've… Continue reading #VillainsvsPrincess2 Belle

#TeamNailPrincess Jasmine @klenails

#VillainvsPrincess2 Disney challenge

Hi all. IM LATE! I've had this design in mind for bloody ages and I knew this challenge was coming up and yet I still manage to be 3 days late! So, desperately trying to catch up.. The challenge is put together by 2 fabulous nail ladies who I follow on Instagram. The ladies are Silvia… Continue reading #VillainvsPrincess2 Disney challenge