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#VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas

Hi all. So I'm late. AGAIN! There's something about this challenge that makes my brain close down. Once again I had the design all planned and ready and yet, here I am 2 days late! So, straight in to it, this weeks prompt was Pocahontas. It's not one of my favourite Disney films but I do… Continue reading #VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas

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LivOliv goodies – Summer Wedding

Hi all. Around a year ago I met Sue. Sue had just taken over the UK indie brand Box Polish and she needed help swatching, so I jumped at the chance. I'd heard of the brand Box Polish but had never purchased them before, so I was excited to see what goodies I would get and finally… Continue reading LivOliv goodies – Summer Wedding

Temptation Wait - Born Pretty Store (flash) klenails
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Born Pretty Store H003 Temptation Wait

Hi all. So I've been pretty quiet once again. The reason this time has been a lot less enjoyable than a holiday. I have had kidney stones. This illness has wiped me out completely. I've spent days doped up on medication, laying on the sofa in tears, whilst a tiny crystalized ball travels along my water works.… Continue reading Born Pretty Store H003 Temptation Wait

Sparklea Nail Polish Carnival Collection

Sparklea Nail Polish – Carnival collection

Hi all. The sun is shining! Honestly, it couldn't have come quick enough in my eyes. I hate the cold weather. Dreary days and dark nights are so dull. I need sunshine in my life! Summer days also allow the UK Indies to release the brightest and most neon of shades. And Sparklea Nail Polish has… Continue reading Sparklea Nail Polish – Carnival collection

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Nail Pop Polish – Under the Sea collection

Hi all. My inner mermaid gets a little over excited when she hears about the new polish releases with water themes. There have been a fair few. So when the lovely Lyn aka @lynsnailart, creator and owner of Nail Pop Polish, asked if I would like to swatch her Under The Sea collection, of course… Continue reading Nail Pop Polish – Under the Sea collection

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Born Pretty Holographic polish – Fly In The Sky

Hi all. Today's blog is another review for Born Pretty store, this time a super holographic polish. I have previously reviewed another one of these polishes, which you can read here. Fly In The Sky is an ice blue, super linear holographic polish.   The formula is pretty flawless as you can see from the… Continue reading Born Pretty Holographic polish – Fly In The Sky