Sparklea Nail Polish Carnival Collection

Sparklea Nail Polish – Carnival collection

Hi all. The sun is shining! Honestly, it couldn't have come quick enough in my eyes. I hate the cold weather. Dreary days and dark nights are so dull. I need sunshine in my life! Summer days also allow the UK Indies to release the brightest and most neon of shades. And Sparklea Nail Polish has… Continue reading Sparklea Nail Polish – Carnival collection


Birthday nails

Hi all. On May 20th 2013; after a week of slow labour, 16 hours of agonising pushing and eventually an emergency caesarean section, I gave birth to my beautiful son Finlay. Without sounding like a greetings card, he is my whole world. There isn't a thing I wouldn't do for that little man. He honestly… Continue reading Birthday nails