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#VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas

Hi all. So I'm late. AGAIN! There's something about this challenge that makes my brain close down. Once again I had the design all planned and ready and yet, here I am 2 days late! So, straight in to it, this weeks prompt was Pocahontas. It's not one of my favourite Disney films but I do… Continue reading #VillainsVSPrincess2 Pocahontas


Barry M Coconut Infusion 2017 releases

Hi all. Barry M was the brand that started this all off for me. I had a white and a black from the original black top lid collection, and just chucked some paint on in the hopes it would cover how disgustingly bitten and dry my nails were. 3 and half years later, I have… Continue reading Barry M Coconut Infusion 2017 releases


Barry M Molten Metals 2017 release

Hi all. So you may remember my last blog post discussing the original Molten Metals range. The original selection provided us with 4 metallic polishes, perfect for the festive season's glitz and glamour. You can see my swatches and thoughts on these here, in my blog post. The 2017 release has 5 new shades. One of… Continue reading Barry M Molten Metals 2017 release