#TeamNailPrincess Jasmine @klenails

#VillainvsPrincess2 Disney challenge

Hi all.


I’ve had this design in mind for bloody ages and I knew this challenge was coming up and yet I still manage to be 3 days late!

So, desperately trying to catch up..

The challenge is put together by 2 fabulous nail ladies who I follow on Instagram. The ladies are Silvia aka @toxicvanityblog and Laura aka @wickedfullmoon, who both slay at the hand painted masterpieces!

The theme is pretty simple. There are 5 Disney movies featured and you have to simply pick whether you are Team Villain or Team Princess.

The last challenge was so up my street but I missed it. This time round I planned to be ready (and failed miserably!) and chose Team Princess.


I had some great designs planned using the Princess themes so this time round I’m #TeamNailPrincess!

So first up we have Princess Jasmine from one of my favourite Disney films, Aladdin.

#TeamNailPrincess Jasmine @klenails
#TeamNailPrincess Jasmine

I’ve had my eye on a range of stamping plates created by a company called BBF. They are a Mexican based company which can be purchased from Nail Artisan here in the UK. They are clearly a very popular brand because they always seem to be out of stock on the Nail Artisan website. However after a quick chat with Alexandra, who owns Nail Artisan, I managed to get my hands on as many as I could. The Aladdin themed plate was one of them.

Loja BBF - 72 @klenails
Loja BBF – 72

The BBF 72 plate, has a selection of Aladdin themed images on it. The plate is actually quite small in comparison to other plates I have but the images are large enough to cover a whole nail. Especially for the shorter nail shapes.

The images have a deep enough groove for a really successful pick up. I tried using a variety of polishes and managed to get nearly all of them to work.

In the end I settled on my newest stamping goodie, Twinkled T’s first stamping polish release!

Twinkled T stamping polish @klenails
Twinkled T stamping polish

I’ve always been a fan of Twinkled T products so was impressed when I heard they would be releasing their own stamping polish range. After a great review from Lorna aka @thewellpolishedblog I took the plunge and grabbed Glow Up (white) and Vibin’ (Black).

I’m pleased to say the rumours are true, the pick up on these babies is perfect!

Twinkled T Vibin' stamping polish @klenails
Twinkled T Vibin’ stamping polish

For my manicure I used the reverse stamping method and filled in 3 images of Princess Jasmine.

For this I used a selection of Barry M polishes and a Twinkled T nail art brush.

Barry M polish selection @klenails
Barry M polish selection


Once I had filled in the images, I transferred the decals to the nail. Then once I was happy with the position, I applied a layer of Danglefoot Nail Polish ‘Don’t Dangle About’ top coat.


I’m really happy with the finished look. The stamp picked up really well and even the smaller details like eyes have transferred easily. I’m really pleased with both the new stamping plate and stamping polish.

I have since purchased a few more Disney themed plates from Nail Artisan so I can have princess nails as much as I like!


I promise to be on time from now on! The next design is Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast,  which I’ll be posting later this week.

Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x



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