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Born Pretty Store H003 Temptation Wait

Hi all.

So I’ve been pretty quiet once again.

The reason this time has been a lot less enjoyable than a holiday.

I have had kidney stones.

This illness has wiped me out completely. I’ve spent days doped up on medication, laying on the sofa in tears, whilst a tiny crystalized ball travels along my water works.

For anyone who hasn’t ever suffered them, my best description is its similar to labour pains. Overwhelming, breath taking pain which leaves you gasping for air and rolling on the floor.

So painting my nails hasn’t even been a thought. Until I was given the all clear by the doctors and the medication wore off, I wasn’t even moving off the sofa!

Anyway, I’m happy to say the pain has passed, the stone has passed and I am ready to get back to work!

Starting slowly, today I have a quick review of this stunning purple super holo polish from Born Pretty Store.

Temptation Wait - Born Pretty Store, klenails
Temptation Wait – Born Pretty Store

This gorgeous purple number is Temptation Wait from the Born Pretty Store range of super holographic polish. I have been lucky enough to review 2 of these shades previously and so far I have loved them all.

The above photo shows 2 normal coats with no top coat.

The formula is perfectly balanced and was really easy to paint on. I had no issue getting the perfect application at all.

The brush is your average shape rather than a fan brush, but I did find this doesn’t hinder the application. So much so that I could have stopped at one coat.

A single coat of this polish looked fine, I just tend to stick to 2 coats to ensure a full opaque look.

The holographic pigment in the polish is smooth which allows the polish to dry to a shiny gel like shine.

“And the holo?”, I hear you ask.

Well to do this justice I grabbed a flash shot on my camera.

You ready?

Temptation Wait - Born Pretty Store (flash) klenails
Temptation Wait – Born Pretty Store (flash)

It’s beautiful isn’t it?!

A real eye catching, super sparkly number.

I would suggest to ensure this polish stays wear free for as long as possible you need to wear a gel effect top coat. I managed to wear this polish myself for 6 days with no damage or tip wear. I was so happy with how it lasted and stayed looking great.


Temptation Wait is currently available on the Born Pretty Store website for $9.99. This may seem a tad expensive for one polish but it is so worth it. It’s not your average holographic polish. It will get you noticed in all the right ways!

To purchase this polish, which I suggest you do, please click here.

And for all you nail art needs, Born Pretty offer a huge range of products at great prices so check them out here.


Thank you so much for reading!

Kat x


4 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store H003 Temptation Wait”

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly. Having never experienced labour I can’t say I know how awful it was, but I can imagine. Im glad you’re better now and able to get back to painting, this polish is gorgeous.
    Vicky x

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