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Whats Up Nail stencils – Lollypops

Hi all.

I’m back again with another review for Nail Art UK.

In my previous review I spoke about Whats Up Nails Feather stencils, you can view this here. This time I’ll trying out the Lolly pop stencils.

With all this glorious sunshine of late, the lolly pop stencils called to me. I wanted something super juicy looking. There’s nothing more satisfying than a juicy lolly in the heat!

To start the design off I began with a base of Danglefoot Nail Polish Wine O’clock.

Danglefoot Nail Polish - Wine O'clock
Danglefoot Nail Polish – Wine O’clock

Whilst the base was drying I began to work out which shapes I would use. The pack comes with a sheet with 5 different sized stencils.

I have rather long and large nails so for me I had quite a range of choice but even the shortest of nails could still make these stencils work with correct placement.

I decided to use one stencil on each nail. I peeled the stencil away from the backing paper using a pair of tweezers, but this could also have easily been done using my hands. The stencil has an inner sticker which can also be used to create nail art designs. I found the inner sticker was a little fiddly to remove but by the last nail I had worked out a way of peeling the stencil without pulling up the sticker too.

I then placed the stencils onto my nails.

Whats Up Nail Stencils - Lollypop
Whats Up Nail Stencils – Lollypop

My best advice when using shaped stencils like this is to make sure that all the edges, even the tiny ones, are completely sealed to your nails before you begin painting. This ensures that the polish you paint over the top of the stencil will not bleed out on to the nail underneath. I would recommend using a silicone tool to push the stencil down to avoid any ripping or stretching.

Due to the darkness of my base colour I painted over the stencil in white to give me a blank canvas to work with. For this I used Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Cotton.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Cotton
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine – Cotton

I found the best way of ensuring a crisp clean image on the nails is to remove the stencil as quickly as possible to avoid the polish drying and becoming tacky.

Once the stencils had been removed and the polish had become touch dry I selected the colours I would use to paint the lolly pop design.

For this I used another Barry M polish and almost the whole Danglefoot Nail Polish Live Colourfully neon collection.

Danglefoot Nail Polish - Live Colourfully neons
Danglefoot Nail Polish – Live Colourfully neons

That’s a pretty awesome neon rainbow isn’t it?!

So here is the final look!

@klenails. Danglefoot. Whats Up Nails. Nail Art UK

Now that is one tasty looking lollypop!

Using a fine nail art brush I hand painted the colour onto the white outlines. This was a risky process, as any smudges could have destroyed the whole design but the only tiny mistakes I made I did manage to clean up with a little swipe of nail polish remover.

As you can see from the photo above, the finished look is super shiny. This is mostly down to a good layer of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl quick dry top coat.

This design has a whole other element to it as well. Add a little sunshine or light on it and BAM! Crazy sparkles and neon!

Want to see?

@klenails. Danglefoot. Whats Up Nails. Nail Art Uk.
Sparkly isn’t it?!



So overall, I love this design. The bright colours and of course the sparkly element would make any polish loving lady very happy.

I really enjoyed using Whats Up Nails stencils again. They have the perfect level of stick to ensure the stencil seals to the nail. The shape of the tab on the end of each stencil makes it easier to remove also.

The stencils are currently available on the Nail Art Uk website for £2.85 each. For this price, you receive enough stencils and stickers to do 4 full manicures. That’s a really great price in my eyes. They are well worth the cost! Go and get them for yourself using this link.

If you don’t already shop with Nail Art UK, now is the time my friend. Use this link to go direct to the shop.

A massive thank you to Gemma who owns Nail Art UK for giving me the opportunity to try these out, it’s been a real pleasure!

Thanks to all of you for reading.

Kat x









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