IZ Beauty of London - Gel Effect Topcoat
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IZ Beauty of London Nail Decals

Hi all.

Firstly let me apologise for the sudden silence. After 5 months of my husband being away for work and doing all the childcare single handed I decided I needed a break. After a week away at the English coastal town of Clacton, I’m now trying to catch up with all my projects I left behind!

Today I’m talking about some lovely leafy decals which I received from IZ Beauty of London. With my previous experience with their decals, I was super excited to try some more.

With the sudden burst of Summery weather I wanted something a little leafy and green.

That’s right.

You did hear me say that.


Regular readers, don’t panic, I still have a serious green issue. However there are a few greens I have accepted into my colour spectrum. My favourite is the one and only Zelena from Danglefoot Nail Polish.

The holographic pigment in that bad boy will look epic in the sunshine. It’s a definite eye catcher and perfect to accompany the Botanical leaf decals I received from IZ Beauty of London.

IZ Beauty of London Botanical Decals
IZ Beauty of London Botanical Decals

This sheet of decals has 100 stickers on it. That’s easily 10 full manicures, more if used sparingly.

I wanted a leaf heavy design so used as many as I could on each nail.

Here is what I ended up with.

Danglefoot Nail Polish - Zelena
Danglefoot Nail Polish – Zelena

I decided that I wanted to offset the green a little with some super silver holo provided by Color Club Harp On It. The accent nail; as previously mentioned, is Zelena from Danglefoot Nail Polish.

Applying the decals was a ridiculously easy process.

The decals peeled away from the backing sheet really easily. I used a small set of tweezers to help peel them away but you could use your fingers. The decals came in a range of sizes so it was simple to size up which ones I could use. My longer nails allowed for 3 decals on each nail but even the shortest of nails will easily fit one of the smaller decals on.

Following the super simple directions I applied the decals in the my desired positions and allowed to adhere.

Once they had completely stuck down to the nail I added a layer of Gel effect Top Coat, which I received at the recent IZ Beauty of London event I attended.

IZ Beauty of London - Gel Effect Topcoat
IZ Beauty of London – Gel Effect Topcoat

The top coat is so shiny! It makes the holographic element pop even more.

Overall I really like how this design turned out. The green decals against the holo background creates an eye catching look. This leafy look would be perfect for any festivals or Summer vacay’s you might have coming up!

The decals are currently available on the IZ Beauty of London website for £4. Considering there are 100 decals on this sheet, that is an impressive price which I will happily recommend to anyone.

Also the intense shine of the Gel Effect top coat is lovely. It locks in any design and dries to a super shiny gel effect finish. It kept my nails protected and chip free for 2 days, which isn’t as good as I would hope for but this was a week I was packing cases so my nails were under a little more stress than usual.

The topcoat is also currently available on the website, priced at £10.50. This is quite expensive for a top coat so I’m unsure yet if it’s one I’ll be picking up again. I will continue to test it to see whether it was just the packing which caused the damage.

To purchase these gorgeous green decals or any other products on offer from IZ Beauty of London, please use this link.

Thank you to IZ Beauty of London for the products.

And thank you all for reading!

Kat x


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