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Whats Up Nails vinyl review – feathers

Hi all.

When I first got into doing my nails I watched so many tutorials of women using vinyls to decorate their nails. At the time, I had no idea where to get them or which brand was best. After a little research and time spent reading product reviews; I decided to purchase a huge amount of What’s Up Nail vinyls. And when I say huge, I mean it! I probably have one pack of every style they did at the time.

I played around and tried to create this beautiful art that I was seeing everywhere but it never worked. I always seemed to rip up the base polish, no matter how long I left it to dry. And without fail I would always have a little lift on the vinyl so the paint would spread and the design would blur. I know I should have stuck to it, but I was a newbie. I wanted something super simple but with wow factor, and I was finding vinyls the hardest product to use.

It’s been well over a year since I sat down and used any of my vinyls. The company has rebranded its packaging and changed massively since then.

I’ve spent most of my time perfecting my stamping technique. I now feel pretty confident in my stamping ability and will smash out a design at least once a week. It was because of one of my designs that I got into a conversation with one of the UK’s biggest nail art brands.

Gemma, who owns Nail Art UK, contacted me admiring my stamping. From there a conversation began and I was ecstatic when she offered me some Whats Up Nails products to review. Even with my previous experience of nail vinyls I wanted to give this a shot.

I was sent three styles to try out.

This design uses Whats Up Nails Feather vinyls.

One of the biggest problems I always had before was pulling up the base paint. So I wanted to test whether or not this was still a problem. I began with a base of Danglefoot Nail Polish ‘A List’.

Danglefoot Nail Polish - A List
Danglefoot Nail Polish – A List

This polish is one of my all time favourites. It’s just so eye wateringly beautiful. To really do it justice, here’s a flash shot!

Danglefoot Nail Polish - A List
Danglefoot Nail Polish – A List

So knowing this was going to be the base for a vinyl design I allowed 20 minutes drying time. This meant that the base was bone dry when I began applying the vinyls, and thus avoided any lifting issue.

For anyone who has no idea what a nail vinyl is, it’s simply a fancy word for sticker or stencil. A vinyl is either a sticker or stencil that you place on the nail, then you paint over the top and peel away the sticker to reveal a flawless design (in theory!).

Whats Up Nails - Feather vinyls
Whats Up Nails – Feather vinyls

The vinyls come in these smart black sleeves which allows you to see how many you have without opening the packets. The vinyls are easy to remove. There are two ways to use them. You can place the inner shape, in this case a feather, direct to the nail and paint over that. Or you could use the outer stencil, with the inner sticker removed and paint inside. For this design, I used the inner feather sticker.

#WIP Whats Up Nails vinyls
#WIP Whats Up Nails vinyls

You might be thinking, “But she has bits hanging off her nail?”

Well that makes it easier to remove the vinyls once the second layer of polish goes on.


With this sudden burst of Summery weather I had a real urge to add some neon to this design. Using 3 shades from the Danglefoot Nail Polish Live Colourfully collection, I created a gradient over the stickers.

Danglefoot Nail Polish Live Colourfully neons
Danglefoot Nail Polish Live Colourfully neons

The end result is amazing!



I’m almost 100% sure the vinyls have changed since I last used them. They were sticky enough to remain on the nails but not too sticky. They didn’t leave any residue or pull up the base polish. I found that even the tiny details, like the gaps in the feathers, were easily seen and looked really smooth and seamless.

I do admit that using a sponge to create the gradient made it easier to cover the whole nail without applying too much polish.

The neon’s look so bright against the holographic base, it’s the perfect Summer vacay design!


Overall, I’m ecstatic with this design. The products were super easy to use and have given me a new love for vinyls. This style and many others are available to purchase in from Nail Art UK, which you can visit here.

The feather vinyls are currently available for £2.95. This includes 20 inner stickers and the 20 outer stencils. That’s easily enough for 4 full manicures! You can purchase these here.

Thank you so much to the lovely Gemma for sending me these fab products! If you don’t already shop with Nail Art UK, you should! And also, check out the shops Instagram page here.

And thank you all for reading.

Kat x



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