Barry M Coconut Infusion 2017 releases

Hi all.

Barry M was the brand that started this all off for me.

I had a white and a black from the original black top lid collection, and just chucked some paint on in the hopes it would cover how disgustingly bitten and dry my nails were.

3 and half years later, I have pretty long and healthy talons!

The Coconut Infusion range is one of my favourite Barry M releases so far. The idea that wearing a polish could actually hydrate and protect your nails is right up my street. Infused with coconut oil and water, this polish aims to treat your nails from the inside. Barry M claim this polish is enriched with anti oxidant properties and vitamins B and C. I can honestly say that my nails do feel that little bit nicer from wearing the polishes!

The 2017 release consists of 4 bright and beautiful shades, perfect for the coming Summer. Also, finally, the addition of another yellow polish to the brand.

Want to see them?

Of course you do!

First up is Popsicle.


Barry M Coconut Infusion - Popsicle
Barry M Coconut Infusion – Popsicle
Popsicle is a warm pink colour, which I swear makes me look more tanned!

Following Barry M’s suggestion, when I wore these shades I did not wear base coat. This allows the healing properties to properly penetrate your nail. I personally use base coat to give my nail a strengthened layer of protection which also fills in any ridges or lumps I may have in my nail bed. However, even though I didn’t use any, the polish is so beautifully formulated it just glides on, covering any issues nicely. I applied 2 thin coats. Due to this collection’s High Reflective Resin System, the polish is super shiny, even without the presence of top coat. This just makes it even easier to apply, especially for the busy girls who don’t have time to wait around!

Next up is Scuba.


Barry M Coconut Infusion - Scuba
Barry M Coconut Infusion – Scuba
Scuba is so wonderfully blue it gives me chills! It is the perfect shade for beach holidays. I can easily see myself sipping a cocktail by the ocean whilst wearing my sexiest bikini and this shade on my nails!

The formula is as expected, smooth and easy to apply. It dried reasonably quickly and once again didn’t need top coat.


Next up is Flip Flop.


Barry M Coconut Infusion - flip Flop
Barry M Coconut Infusion – Flip Flop
This shade is by far my favourite of the 4. This gorgeous summer orange gives me life!

I wore this shade for 4 days to test longevity. I’m pleased to say I saw no tip wear or damage to the nail whilst wearing it, and I honestly did notice my nails looked really nice when I removed it. I had so many compliments on this one. People can’t help but stare when your nails are the brightest thing around!

Last but not least, this is Lemonade.


Barry M Coconut Infusion - Lemonade
Barry M Coconut Infusion – Lemonade
In all the years I have bought Barry M polishes, there have only been 3 yellows that I know of. I am not normally a huge yellow fan but it is nice when one brand offers the whole colour spectrum.

I wasn’t sure I would like Lemonade. Yellow is one of my marmite shades. I either love it or hate it. Surprisingly, once I had applied Lemonade I realised how lovely the shade is. Not quite a pastel yellow but also not a bright yellow. It’s somewhere in between. Plus the colour is still pretty bright, so again its perfect for Summer.





Overall, I love this release!

The colours are bright, eye catching and good for you nails. The perfect shades to wear on your Summer holidays. I will definitely be wearing them again and again.

Currently available on the Barry M website for £4.99 each, I feel these are a great product and well worth the price. Check them out for yourself here.

Another great release Barry M!

Thanks for reading.

Kat x






2 thoughts on “Barry M Coconut Infusion 2017 releases”

  1. Ooh so pretty and these colours look so different on you, at first I thought I was looking at older colours. Like you, Barry M also started this polish obsession for me, love them.
    Vicky x

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