Barry M Molten Metals 2017 release

Hi all.

So you may remember my last blog post discussing the original Molten Metals range. The original selection provided us with 4 metallic polishes, perfect for the festive season’s glitz and glamour. You can see my swatches and thoughts on these here, in my blog post.

The 2017 release has 5 new shades. One of which being Barry M’s first ever holographic polish!

Holographic polishes have been a big part of the Indie market for a while now. They tend to sell for anything from £4 – £10 depending on the brand and the intensity of the holographic pigment. It so lovely to see one of the mainstream brands finally taking some inspiration from our beloved Indie makers and creating a reasonably priced holographic polish of their own.

So to start this all off here is that holographic polish, Holographic Lights.


Barry M - Holographic Lights
Barry M – Holographic Lights
The photo above shows 2 hand painted coats with no top coat. The formula, as with any Barry M polish, is the perfect consistency to apply.

This photo doesn’t do the holo any justice. So here’s a flash shot to show the sparkle!


Barry M - Holographic Lights
Barry M – Holographic Lights
It’s a beauty! For the super reasonable price of £3.99 you can achieve this super sought after holographic finish. I think this is a great first attempt into the holographic realm, but there as so many other brands who have much more jaw dropping holo’s available. It’s a lovely subtle silver shade which I have used in a previous design, which you can see here.


Next up is Blue Glacier.


Barry M - Blue Glacier
Barry M – Blue Glacier
This gorgeous icy blue has my jaw on the floor. I have an intense love for anything blue anyway but when you add in the metallic element and the intense icy shine, its a winner! This is 2 coats with no top coat. It applied really nicely and dried pretty fast. A really pretty shade which would work on any skin tone. I love how it makes my skin tone look a little more tan, even though I haven’t seen any proper sun for weeks!

Next up is Gold Rush.


Barry M - Gold Rush
Barry M – Gold Rush
Gold Rush is similar in colour to one of the previous Molten releases, Copper Mine. However although it appears similar, on closer inspection its actually very different. There is a strong pink flash to this shade which you only see in certain lights. Also this colour is an odd mix between gold and copper. Its such an unusual shade its hard to describe well. It’s a beautiful shade that I really like. Once again this is 2 coats with no top coat.

Next up is Black Diamond.


Barry M - Black Diamond
Barry M – Black Diamond
Black Diamond is gorgeous! Due to its darkness in colour you can really see the silver metallic pigment in the polish. It gives it an almost glittery look. The formula is creamy and applied so nicely. It also seemed to dry the quickest. Wearing black on longer nails can look a little vampy but this shade pulls it off. I love how this one looks on my long nails and I wore it for 4 days! I’m also happy to say that whilst wearing it I saw no wear and tear, no chipping or damage. This is always a good thing, especially considering the mainstream price range.

Lastly, here is Pink Ice.


Barry M - Pink Ice
Barry M – Pink Ice
Now, any of the beady eyed Barry M fans will notice straight away that this polish is familiar.

Can you name the polish that this is identical to from previous Barry M releases?

Remember Twinkle Twinkle?

It was a limited edition release made exclusively for Superdrug. After seeing how well it sold in limited quantities they have re-released it with a new name as part of the Metals range.

Hmm. Okay.

I get that there are only so many colours in the world to create. I also understand that if a product sells well in limited quantities, any company would be stupid to not bring it back.

However, Barry M haven’t announced that this is what they have done. It’s only been confirmed via emails or direct messages with the company. So for many people, they may buy this shade thinking it’s a new creation and finding that their £3.99 polish is an exact duplicate for Twinkle Twinkle. There aren’t many people who would willingly buy two polishes the exact same colour.

I think if Barry M had made this publicly known, I would feel better about it. Instead it appears to be a sneaky marketing trick to get people to buy more polish when it may already be a part of their collections.

The polish itself is really lovely and does apply well. It’s a nice delicate shade which would be appropriate for work.








Overall, I’m really impressed with these additions to the Metals range. For the super reasonable price of £3.99 each you can achieve on trend metallic nails. Barry M also remains one of the only mainstream brands to never test their products on animals, so for the animal loving ladies this is just one more reason to grab yourself some goodies.

To purchase any of the Molten Metals range please click here.

Go on, treat yourself!

Thanks for reading.

Kat x


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