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Nail Pop Polish – Under the Sea collection

Hi all.

My inner mermaid gets a little over excited when she hears about the new polish releases with water themes. There have been a fair few.

So when the lovely Lyn aka @lynsnailart, creator and owner of Nail Pop Polish, asked if I would like to swatch her Under The Sea collection, of course I said yes!

I was sent 2 of the 7 shades to try out. You can find the rest of the goodies either on @polishplaytime, @prettyquirkyuk or @lynsnailart.

First up I have Lagoon.


Nail Pop Polish – Lagoon

Lagoon is an ocean blue glitter bomb that applied in 2 normal coats. Being a glitter polish, I assumed it would need to be sponged on but this is just 2 hand painted coats. Allow a decent wait in between each layer to avoid clumping and pulling up the first layer. The silver and blue glitters are pretty sparkly and do catch the light quite nicely. Whenever I look at it, it screams ocean to me. I could dive head first into it.


Nail Pop Polish – Lagoon

So to appease my inner mermaid and the intense urge to dive into it, I added some crashing waves stamping over the top.

Created using Mundo De Unas White stamping polish and Bundle Monster BM-XL025.


Nail Pop Polish – Lagoon

I really like how the stamping has added another layer of depth to the polish. It almost gives it a shadow in the arch of the crashing wave. Plus the white provides a stark contrast to the deep blue, which I also loved.





Next up is Coral Reef.


Nail Pop Polish – Coral Reef

Coral Reef is a mixed colour glitter bomb. I can see greens, purples and oranges in here. Its pretty much all the shades of brightly coloured coral you would find in any reef over the world. I found this one to be less sparkly than Lagoon, which you can see above. But as soon as I added a topcoat it shined right up again. This is also 2 hand painted coats, so no sponging needed. It’s a lovely mixture of colours but I think out of the two, I prefer Lagoon.


Nail Pop Polish – Coral Reef

With a name like Coral Reef, it was obvious what to add to this one!

Created using Barry M Silver Foil Effects and Bundle Monster BM-XL025.


Nail Pop Polish – Coral Reef

A real life, coral reef scene over Coral Reef! I love the cute little fish silhouettes, and the tendrils of coral and seaweed against the bright background. The silver is pretty shiny so it does take over a little. But you can definitely still see the pretty colours in the base polish.



Overall, I was pretty impressed with the 2 shades I was sent. I’m not a huge glitter fan myself but these are pretty nice. I did find removal time consuming, as you would expect with any glitter based polish, but I think they are worth the removal time!


The Under The Sea collection will be available to purchase on Friday 12th May at 8pm. The direct link to Lyn’s Etsy shop is here. To see swatches of all the other polishes in this collection please check out the girls I mentioned earlier.

There are 7 polishes in all, so if these 2 don’t do it for you, at least one of the others will!

Big thank you to Lyn who gave me these beauties to work with, its always a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x










3 thoughts on “Nail Pop Polish – Under the Sea collection”

  1. Ooh these are both gorgeous but that second coral reef inspired polish does it for me. All those colours!!
    Glitter is a pain but that’s why peel off basecoat was invented 🙂 I don’t know how I lived without it.
    Vicky x

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