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IZ Beauty of London nail wraps review

Hi all.

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a PR event for IZ Beauty of London. I went with my beloved nail sisters Lea @leasnails and Becca @acertainbeccaa for an evening of cocktails, treatments and goodies.

The event was held in central London. When I arrived, after a manic train journey, I was greeted with the offer of a cocktail and a chocolate brownie. I accepted both offers and took a seat surrounded by hordes of beautiful women who were all enjoying themselves.

The products were laid out for inspection, the nail technicians armed and ready to perform treatments and the cocktails were flowing easily.

The event went on for a few hours and when we left I was armed with a great goodie box to take home. I couldn’t wait to explore!


IZ Beauty of London Goodie box
In the box there was a bottle of top coat, a bottle of peach polish named Peek-A-Boo, full nail wraps and some floral stickers.

I loved the bright neon pink of the nail wraps and it was an exact match to a shade of neon pink polish I own from Danglefoot Nail Polish.

I decided to pair the two together for this neon pink look.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Break The Rules
The nail wraps come in a pack with a multitude of sizes to work for all nail shapes. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. Clean and shape the nail, apply the wrap whilst pushing out any bubbles, using the file provided shape the wrap to the nail and peel away any excess, then apply topcoat to seal the wrap.

As with any wraps I found these a little hard to shape to my nail due to my curved edges but with a little fiddling they sealed well.

To fully test out the longevity of these wraps I left them on for 5 days. I can confirm that there was no tip wear or lifting. They maintained their shape and I had no wrinkling either. If I’m being honest I had to heat the wrap a little to get the glue to loosen enough for me to remove it. It did leave a little residue on the nail but this was easily removed with a cotton pad soaked in acetone.

So, do I recommend these wraps.

Yes. The wraps are available on the IZ Beauty of London website for £3 and for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to achieve some great nail art looks, these work perfectly. Available in hundreds of different designs all for the great price of £3.

To have a look at any of the goodies available please click here.

A huge thank you to all the ladies and gents over at IZ Beauty of London who arranged the event and put together a great goodie box. I look forward to any future events that may happen and the new Summer releases in July.

Thanks for reading.

Kat x




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