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Born Pretty Stamping plate BP-L067

Hi all.

If your a regular reader you will know that for the last few month I’ve been reviewing items for Born Pretty store. The deal is simple, I use the products and advertise how I’ve used them and in return I don’t pay for the items. However I also buy items from Born Pretty on a regular basis. I love a bargain buy and Born Pretty caters to that. I love filling up a basket with goodies and then my checkout total is something stupid like $10. The only issue I’ve ever had with Born Pretty so far is the fact that they are based in Malaysia. There is a language barrier when dealing with the staff and also shipping times can be as long as 8 weeks.

As long as you purchase the items you’ll need well in advance they normally tend to arrive anything between 2-6 weeks. Up until recently this had never been a problem for me. However my last purchase I made with them, which I did way back in January, still hasn’t arrived. That’s 14 weeks of waiting.

I have spoken directly to Born Pretty and was informed months ago that I should just be patient and wait. Then when I pushed further I was told they would send me the tracking details. The tracking simply said in transit. I then began emailing customer services at the end of March to try and rectify the situation. They told me the parcel would arrive the following week. It did not. They sent another parcel of items for me to review for free as an apology and they arrived within a fortnight. Still no sign of my purchased parcel. So I once again asked for a refund, and after 14 weeks of waiting and dealing with the Born Pretty team, I have been promised a refund within the next 7 days.

So let’s talk about this.

I receive items for free which I review. I am happy with the items I receive and I have never had a problem with the team before. It has shocked me that after being a loyal customer for years, I’ve had to fight so hard for a refund of $10. I’m willing to admit most businesses may have the occasional slip up and I’m more than happy to chalk this one down as a one off. I am still hopeful that my original parcel will arrive soon and I’ll edit this post with the outcome.

I would never suggest that you as a reader stop purchasing from them. I love their products so of course I still recommend them.

So now to the review.


As part of an apology for this situation I was sent another reviewing parcel. Within this was the new floral stamping plate BP-L067. I was really looking forward to using this plate as the images look so detailed and with Spring flowers everywhere you look right now, its bang on trend.


Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L067

The plate has 26 individual images that range from daffodils, pansies, butterflies and birds. It’s a very pretty Spring based plate that could easily be worked in to any design.

No matter how hard I pondered different ideas I kept coming back to the daffodils. I love the brightness of Spring so the idea of doing a floral themed design was right up my street.

Using the reverse stamping method I chose 5 floral images that would fit on my nail shape and began filling them in with a range of colours and my Twinkled T nail art brush.

For this I used all Barry M shades.


Barry M L-R – Cotton, Sugar Plum, Oasis, Mango, Cardamom and On Your Marks

To give the design a little sparkle I used another Barry M shade for the base.

The newest Molten Metals releases included Barry M’s first ever holographic polish and it doesn’t disappoint. Here is Holographic Lights.


Barry M – Holographic Lights

The photo doesn’t do this any justice. It’s a beautiful sparkly number that in direct light is breath taking.

I couldn’t wait to finally add the flowers!



Isn’t it beautiful?

The smallest details on the stamping plate have picked up perfectly. The tiny creases on the petals, the veins on the pansy leaves and the insides of the orchids are all clearly visible. I was impressed how easy the whole process was. The plate is currently available on the website for $2.39, which is such an amazing price. The images are clean and the pick up is crisp.

Overall I would highly recommend this plate to any floral fans out there. Well worth the $2.39 price tag. I will be using the plate again and again the coming months!

To purchase this plate, or any other goodies from Born Pretty please click here.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope that you continue to buy from Born Pretty!

Kat x







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