A England Galaxy nails

Hi all.

My regular readers will know by now I’m not your average girlie girl.

I have a serious love of all things nail polish (obviously) but I also have so many other interests. I was having a conversation with someone recently about one of my secret passions and their response tickled me.

“You like science? But your so pretty, why do you like something like that?”

Well firstly, thanks, I guess I am kind of pretty…. haha

Secondly, and most importantly, what do my looks have to do with my interests? When I asked, the response was a stumbled apology and an out dated explanation that young women don’t tend to be interested in science.

Well, Mr Out Dated Archaic Ideals, I actually have a great love for certain aspects of science.

I love nature in all its forms. I take an interest in flowers and gardening. I love watching birds and I do own a pair of binoculars. I love any David Attenborough documentary about animals and wildlife. I could easily name 10 dinosaurs and all their attributes. I am constantly trying to expand my knowledge of our galaxy and the stars and planets within it.

I am a science nerd, and I love it!

So in honour of Mr Out Dated Archaic Ideals, I have created a super simple galaxy design using all A England shades.

I love creating a galaxy design as they are so easy to do. You cannot go wrong with this one. Dabbing some colour on the wrong bit? Oh well, now its a dust particle cloud in space. The colours are blending into one? Its a black hole. There is no wrong way with this one.

To start my design I went with a simple black shimmery base. For this I used Bridal Veil from A England.


A England – Bridal Veil

This liquorice black has an epic formula that only needed one coat. The brush could be a little better shaped to help with one coat application but its easily usable. There is a gentle silver shimmer through out the polish which you can see easily in the bottle but are less visible on the nail.

To this base I began adding small dabs of colour in cloud formations. Using 4 sparkly A England shades and a cosmetic sponge I created some round and line shaped clouds.


A England l-r: Queen of Scots, Whispering Waves, Avalon and Crown of Thistles

I went for blues and purples for this design but real life galaxies can be any combination of colours. Starting with the darkest shades first I built up the layers of colour and just kept splodging until I was happy with the look.

Then to finish the design I would normally hand paint on some stars or larger constellations but this time I settled on a super quick stamped image.

Using Uberchic stamping plate 2-01, Mundo Des Unhas White stamping polish and Creative Shop stamper set I applied the white stars.


A England – Bridal Veil


To finish the design off I added a layer of Don’t Dangle About topcoat from my beloved Danglefoot Nail Polish.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Don’t Dangle About topcoat



It’s a really simple design that almost anyone could recreate. Plus my inner science nerd loves it. It’s not as accurate as I would like but it’s close enough!

Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x



1 thought on “A England Galaxy nails”

  1. Kat I’m also a science nerd! I love all the things you’ve mentioned & after getting my degree in marine biology with a speciality in genetics, I’m also massively into reading journals, keeping up with science advancements and although I don’t consider myself super pretty, I am clearly a woman. This view of women and science is awful and something that I have to try and break down all the time. Good for you for correcting her!
    Oh and gorgeous nails, I love them!!
    Vicky x


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