A England Geometric design

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I’ve been doing nails for 3 years now and I have found some amazing brands along the way. My favourites so far have been indie brands. The obvious ones to mention are Danglefoot Nail Polish, Sparklea Nail Polish and Box Polish. As for the mainstream brands the only one I’ve ever obsessed about is Barry M.

I’m always open to trying new things and new companies so I keep my eye out. I’ve tried nearly all the UK indies so far but there was one particular boutique indie that had caught my eye many times.

A England.

This brand specialises in whimsical themed polishes that range from Camelot to Russian ballerina’s.

I’d received 3 of their polishes in the Splash! Meebox, which you can see here. These 3 polishes made my interest in the brand grow but I struggled with the realisation of the cost. Each bottle is sold for £11. My usual maximum spend on a single polish is £10 and that’s if its a showstopper. £11 for one every day holo polish felt far too much, even with the great stories I’d heard. And yet, the brand kept popping up everywhere and soon I began to crave trying them again.

I was still adamant I wouldn’t be spending £11 each on them so I spent hours hunting through the Facebook selling groups and was lucky enough to find almost 40 polishes through second hand sales. This saved me around £7 per bottle! When you add that up, I could have spent £440 on polish but instead spent £160 and got 40 bottles. The polish maths doesn’t lie!

Anyway, once I had amassed a reasonable collection I found there was one shade that A England seem to specialise in.


Every purple I have from them is beautiful. Every single one.

So of course, the need to create something fantastic using as many of these purples was intense.

I decided to use a stamping plate I recently received from Born Pretty Store.



The images on this plate have become increasingly popular and I’ve seen so many great designs created using it. I fancied a go myself.

To begin the design I started with a base of A England’s Excalibur Renaissance. This gorgeous silver polish dries to a extreme mirror shine, which sadly you cannot see in the photo below. It was a nightmare to photograph so here is the best shot.


A England – Excalibur Renaissance


This is 1 coat a thin layer of top coat. The formula is amazing and even with the strong metallic pigment (which can cause brush marks when painting) it went on smoothly and looked wonderful. I could have easily stopped right there but continued with the plan design.

Using the reverse stamping decal method I created some decals to affix to the nail.

Here is the final look.


A England – Excalibur Renaissance

To fill in the details on the decals I used 4 shades of purple.


A England L-R: Excalibur Renaissance, Cathy, Dancing With Nuryev, Crown Of Thistles and The Blessed Damozel

All of the polishes worked so well together. The formulas are fantastic which made the painting process much easier on the smaller decals. They dried within a normal time and I managed to transfer the decal with no fuss. I did however notice a few bumps and bubbles. This is purely down to my application. I’m still mastering this art form so forgive them!




Overall, I adore this design! The colours look amazing together, especially the holographic element. The shine on these was jaw dropping. As for the application, I know the decals need a little practice. However the air bubbles and bumps are minor faults in an overall great design I feel. I will be using the plate and all the purples again.

If you wish to find A England’s for yourself, and your willing to pay full price, here is the page link. I thoroughly recommend Crown Of Thistles!

Thanks so much for reading!





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2 thoughts on “A England Geometric design”

  1. Amazing job at collecting the polishes! I love hunting out bargains and collecting Together polishes I love.
    I only have 1 a-England colour and would never dream of giving it up & yes, it’s a purple!
    Vicky x

    Liked by 1 person

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