Hollywood Holo Indie Box

Hi all.

The newest indie box was released by my beloved Danglefoot at the beginning of March. It’s the biggest pre-order they have had so far and I’d like to think this is down to the mystery holo polishes on offer.

All we knew was the theme was Hollywood and there would be 4 holographic polishes and a mystery gift involved. Of course, I was going to get it either way as the polishes included will be limited editions and I never miss a Danglie!

When I received the box the first thing I noticed was the cute little cinema tape that Hayley had packaged it in. It’s the attention to detail that make these themed boxes amazing in my opinion.

Once I had opened it all I had the usual inspection and I found that one polish stood out for me and there was one I didn’t like. Also, the mystery gift was a little pot of sparkly loose eyeshadow, which I’m not sure is my colour.

I guess your wondering, ‘which ones did she like?’

Well lets begin.

First up is Danglefoot Nail Polish The A List.

Danglefoot Nail Polish – The A List

This silver holo is filled with lots of lovely multi coloured flakes. As usual with any Danglefoot product the formula is spot on and this only needed 2 thin coats to create this fully opaque look. The photo doesn’t do the holo in this one justice. It’s a super sparkly number that fits the name perfectly. This one is hands down my favourite of the box. I wore this for 5 days recently and had no chips or tip wear either so its clearly a good polish.


Next up we have Princess Nail Lacquer’s Walk Of Fame.

Princess Nail Lacquer – Walk Of Fame

I love a good cerise polish, especially when there is holo involved. However I feel like this polish does nothing for me. The green flakes appear very dark against the light pink. It gives it a more flecked appearance in person and I just don’t feel it. Also the polish is quite jelly like in consistency so it needed 3 coats to build up the colour and have full opacity. There is scattered holo pigment in this one but its subtle and I felt drowned out by the flakes. I have a few other Princess Nail Lacquer polishes and I was expecting a proper wow moment but was left a little cold with this one.


Next up we have Opulent Essences’ Rodeo Drive Baby!

Opulent Essences – Rodeo Drive Baby

This colour will divide people. I’ve heard of a few women loving the shade and some not liking it much. Sadly I fall into the second category. The colour does nothing for my darker skin tone and it leans towards a brown shade on me. The formula is lovely and it painted on with only 2 thin coats.

The polish is packed full of gold flakes which I haven’t captured on the nail very well, but you can see them in the bottle better. It’s also got scattered holo in it but its very subtle. The polish itself is great but just not for me!


Lastly we have Freckles Polish La La Land.


Freckles Polish – La La Land

I always love a purple polish and this one doesn’t fail to hit the spot. The purple is so deep on this one I loved it on sight. You can also see the holo element instantly even in normal light. This is a true holo polish as far as I’m concerned. You pay extra for a holo so of course you want to see it!

There are lots of little pink flakes in this one which you can see in the photo above. They almost make it look textured in certain angles but it dries to a smooth finish. The formula is great and it only needed one thick coat to get this look. A great polish that I will be wearing again and again!



As I mentioned earlier, the surprise gift was a loose eyeshadow. There were a few shades I could have received as they were sent in bulk to Hayley. The pot I received was a gun metal grey, which on my dark skin is a little harsh. It needs lots of blending to create a softer look, which is what I favour. I wont be using this a lot but it was nice to try something new.


So overall the box was 50/50 for me. Two very sparkly holo polishes that I love and 2 not so great ones. The box was valued at £30 which included postage and the surprise gift. Considering most holographic indie polishes sell for £6 or more this works out at a really reasonable price.

I know that Hayley is taking a step down from the boxes for a while due to pregnancy and the coming baby but I hope she returns with a bang soon!

Thanks for reading.

Kat x








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