Danglefoot Once Upon A Time duo – Violet & Henry

Hi all.

The Danglefoot Once Upon A Time duos have finally come to an end and didn’t they finish with a bang?! The last duo was co-created by my darling friend Leanne Ling aka @leasnails / @sparkleanailpolish.

Not only was there a fabulous duo but also a one off thermal called Dark Curse, which I reviewed here.

The duo this time is themed around the youngest couples within the series.

Henry and Violet are a sweet teenage couple that got together when Violet came to Storybrooke from Camelot. Henry is the son of both Emma Swan, the show’s hero and adopted son of Regina Mills, the original Evil Queen.

Henry began as a highly annoying child who was determined to drag Emma Swan back to Storybrooke, and now is a young man who is a powerful character in his own right.

Violet is a softly spoken sweetheart who loves all things pink and girly. She’s is your typical pretty princess character.

Here are the swatches!


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Henry

Henry is this lovely navy blue shade with soft pink flakes running through it. Originally I wasn’t sure on this one. There was something about it that I didn’t like. However when it arrived and I had a proper play with it, it is actually a really lovely shade. The pink flakes hit the light to create a soft sparkle. It’s a lovely polish that suits the character quite well.

It also compliments the other half of the duo, Violet, really well.

Here is Violet.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Violet

Violet is a super soft and pale pink with subtle scattered holographic glitter throughout. It’s the perfect princess pink colour. Even I, not a pink fan, actually really love this one. It makes me think of squishy marshmallows and fluffy things!



Danglefoot Nail Polish OUAT Duo – Henry & Violet

Even sat side by side in their bottle you can see how well these two compliment each other. A really great duo which Hayley and Lea should be proud of.

Hayley has taken a little break for her holidays so the shop is currently closed. She will be back but is planning on a maternity break once her baby arrives so snap up what you can before then.

Thanks so much for reading!

If you don’t already, go give Lea a follow and check out her very own indie brand Sparklea Nail Polish.

Kat x






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