Danglefoot Nail Polish – Dark Curse

Hi all.

My beloved Danglefoot Nail Polish, who created the Once Upon A Time duo’s, has finally finished the collection with a bang. Not only with another great duo, which I shall be reviewing soon, but a one off thermal named The Dark Curse.

For anyone who hasn’t ever seen Once Upon A Time, it’s a story about fairy tale characters that become trapped in our world after the Evil Queen places them under the Dark Curse. The curse is shown quite a few times through out the series as its a poignant moment. They always show the curse as a dark foreboding cloud of purple fog engulfing the characters.

Hayley has used that imagery to create a fabulous thermal polish.

This is Dark Curse.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Dark Curse (cold state)

Dark Curse, as you can see, is a deep dark purple in it’s cold state. Considering the recent cold weather, I have see it in this state for the majority of the time. Its a gorgeous aubergine purple which is full of blue to purple chrome flakes. The polish dries to a matte finish.

Once you add some heat, that’s when the magic really happens.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Dark Curse (transition)

Look at that shift. Its mad how that deep dark purple can become this pale creamy white. The flakes become so much more visible too.

Look at it fully transitioned!


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Dark Curse (warm state)


My intense love for thermals has made this another one of my favourites.

I wore it alone for 3 full days with no tip wear or chips. As usual with Danglefoot Nail Polish, the formula is lovely and it paints on easily. I found this one dried reasonably well. It’s really interesting to paint on as the reaction to heat is automatic. It can change colour instantly.

After 3 days of wear I decided to add some stamping to create a Peek A Boo design. This refers to the fact the image disappears when the polish is either hot or cold.

For this design I used Uberchic stamping plate 1-01 and Barry M Black Forest from the Gelly Hi Shine range.


Barry M – Black Forest

This is a gorgeous design which disappears when cold. As usual I sat playing with hot and cold water to see how the thermal pigment changes.

To top this all off I used Danglefoot Don’t Dangle About topcoat. This given the design a super shiny look.

A really nice and easy design which looks really hard to recreate, but so isn’t!

This is currently sold out but Hayley will be making it again. However due to her baby arriving soon she is closing shop for a maternity break so you wont be able to get it for a while yet. Christ knows how I’ll cope with her closing her shop down again!

However, you still have time to grab some of Hayley’s other creations, and a few Oopsie’s at a reduced price. Go to the website here.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x




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3 thoughts on “Danglefoot Nail Polish – Dark Curse”

  1. Very pretty, this polish def Pops when it’s warm, although I tend to prefer thermals that have a solid colour when both warm and cold (because I’m not a fan of the naked look), I do think the glitter in this is super pretty!
    Gorgeous stamping design too!
    Vicky x

    Liked by 1 person

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