Sparklea Mer-Maid You Laugh collection

Hi all.

My long term readers should know by now that deep down in my soul I have fins. Proper mermaid fins. I love being near the ocean. It completes me. Whenever I struggle with anything I have the urge to swim it out. To metaphorically cleanse my soul in salt water.

I’ve always loved anything mermaid themed. Clothing, accessories and polish included. I’m still looking for the perfect opalescent shell colour.

When Lea aka @sparkleanailpolish asked me to swatch and help name her newest mermaid themed collection I was of course, ecstatic.

Between Lea, myself and Becca aka @acertainbeccaa we spent hours discussing options, and we laughed our heads off at Becca’s amazing sea related puns. Soon we were all passing them back and forth and the beginnings of a collection was born.

This 4 piece collection is glitter based and they all have a hint of a holographic element in them.

First up is Sandy Beach.


Sparklea Nail Polish – Sandy Beach


‘Don’t be such a Sandy Beach Nicky!’

Sandy Beach is a golden sand colour, which is apt considering the title. Consisting of a gold base with scattered gold and rose gold glitter. The glitter is quite sparse and spread out in this one so I used 2 thick coats. For a more intense solid look you could use the sponging method but it is possible to build up opacity using the normal paint technique.

This shade would look amazing with some blue sponged over it to create a sea lapping beach. You can see Becca’s take on that look here on her blog.


Next from the collection is Ofishially Lost It.

Sparklea Nail Polish – Ofishially Lost It


‘Can’t you see I’ve Ofishially Lost it’

Ofishially Lost It is made up of lots of shimmer blue and shifty green glitters in a turquoise base. The ultimate twinkly sea colour. Perfect for all mermaid manicures.

This is 2 thick coats with no top coat The formula on this one is perfect. I found, as with all glitter polishes, you need to leave time between each layer to avoid pulling up the first layer. This would work perfectly sponged on also, as the base would soak into the sponge and only the glitter would remain.

I used this colour as the base for a sea foam manicure design which you can see soon.



Next up is Hold My Pursuala.


Sparklea Nail Polish – Hold My Pursula


‘Hold My Pursula girl, I’m about to blow!’

This shimmery purple goodness is made up of purple and purple to blue shifting glitters. In certain lights you can really see the blue flecks in there. Hold My Pursula has a pretty pearly effect to which you can see in the photo above.

With this one I found the glitter much more sparse so I used 3 thin coats to create this solid look, however it is looks great with 2 normal coats as a slightly less packed shade.


Lastly from the collection there is I’m A Turtle Mess.

Sparklea Nail Polish – I’m A Turtle Mess

‘Look at me, I’m A Turtle Mess’

It’s green!

So the obvious statement is that it isn’t my favourite colour. But it does work perfectly for the sea theme.

The jade green base colour shows off the green and teal glitters really well, which gives it an added sparkle. There is a little holo in all of them but I could see it the best in this colour. This is 2 thick coats with no top coat. The formula on this one seemed to dry a little quicker than the others, however that could be just due to slightly thinner coats.



Overall, I think the colours in the collection are the perfect combination for any mermaid or sea themed manicure. The glitter aspect adds a textured to feel which is perfect for sea or sand designs. I think my favourite is Ofishially Lost It, as I love a good blue but I also really like Sandy Beach and Hold My Pursula.

This collection will be available to purchase from Thursday 23rd March on The whole collection will be available in both mini and full size options.

I’d suggest you get them all and become a mermaid too!

I did create 3 different nail art looks using this collection so ill be posting those at a later date on my Instagram @klenails. Also check out @acertainbeccaa for other beautiful mermaid designs.

Thanks for reading Merbabes!

Kat x



#sparkleanailpolish #mermaid


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