Danglefoot Nail Polish Happily Ever After stamping design

Hi all.

Do you know there was a time when I didn’t know Danglefoot Nail Polish existed.

I refer to it as ‘The Dark Ages’

I was a newbie to the nail game and was following a lot of American accounts who promoted brands all based overseas. I purchased things because they were suggesting them and didn’t think to look for a UK equivalent. I’m not complaining though as I found some amazing brands this way.

But then one day I saw a picture of someone wearing a polish that made my jaw drop. It was a full on glitter bomb that was bright pink, not my usual colour, but so amazing I wanted to find more. I saw the name Danglefoot Nail Polish and went looking.

I discovered greatness that day.

I made my first purchase. I bought  Higitus Figitus, One of a Kind Droid and Cosmic Girl. These 3 cemented my love of the brand and I soon went back for more. I’ve been a loyal customer of Hayley’s since then. On a recent count I have around 60 of her creations, which I treasure. Although there were many polishes of Hayley’s that I never saw. I came to late to the game to see her debut collections.

Then recently on a nail polish selling page on Facebook, I spotted a Danglie I had never seen before. I raced to get my hands on it, and I was successful.

This beautiful soft sage green polish is Happily Ever After, one of Hayley’s original polishes.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Happily Ever After

Of course it’s a holographic polish, I don’t think there are many of Hayley’s creations that aren’t holographic! I had no doubts this polish would paint on as well as the rest and it does. Even being a little older hasn’t affected this polish. The formula is still spot on and it dries to a lovely soft shimmery finish. Almost to a metallic shine in certain lights.

I loved it.

I had a real tug of the heart deciding if I should just wear the polish as it was or should I add anything to it? I came to the conclusion if I added anything to it, it had to be subtle so as to avoid masking the base colour.

I decided on a soft swirl pattern in silver that was almost unnoticeable.

Here is what I came up with.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Happily Ever After

To create this soft pattern I used Uberchic Fairytale 01 stamping plate and Barry M Silver Foil effects.


Barry M – Silver Foil Effects

To finish the design, I used a layer of Danglefoot Nail Polish ‘Don’t Dangle About’ topcoat.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Don’t Dangle About topcoat




I have heard on the grapevine that Hayley will be rebooting some of her older shades once again. You never know, like me, you might see one and become a fan for life.

To see any of Hayley’s upcoming creations please go give her a follow on Instagram @Danglefootnailpolish.

Thanks so much for reading.

Kat x



#danglefootnailpolish #barrym


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