Pink Princess vibes

Hi all.

Anyone who knows me, will know I’m not a pink loving girl. I’m a sassy red or sultry black babe. I prefer a set of killer claws compared to the soft pastel pink cuties.

However, every so often I fancy a change. Especially around the start of Spring. The softer pastel shades work perfectly this time of year.

I decided it was time to give one of my pastel shades a whirl. I wanted a soft and muted pink that would pop against gold. I found the perfect shade in the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Range.


Barry M Speedy Quick – Freestyle

The Barry M Speedy Quick range has become a fond favourite of mine. I love how soft the pastels are, but I also love the slightly darker shades too. The formula is spot on as always with Barry M products. The great appeal for this range is the fact that they dry much faster than your average polish. This makes them a great range to use as the base for any nail art.

Once I had applied the pink base I then decided I should go the whole hog with this pink princess theme and add some Princess details.

I could easily achieve this using another one of my Uberchic Stamping plates.


UberChic Fairy tale 01

For this design I used 2 images of this plate. The full nail image on the top row with dots around crowns and the single large crown at the bottom of the plate. I wanted gold details so I grabbed the old faithful Barry M Foil Effects Gold.


Barry M Foil Effects – Gold

It’s a very subtle design that hasn’t photographed very well. I couldn’t capture the gold however hard I tried.

Even though the design transferred perfectly. as always with Uber Chic plates, I fancied adding a little gem to the crown, which I found in a charm wheel from Born Pretty Store. I also then added some small silver holographic hexagonal glitter which I purchased from The Sparkly Shop on Instagram.


The Sparkly Shop silver holo hexagonal glitter pot

To finish the design and seal it all off I added a layer of Danglefoot Nail Polish Don’t Dangle About top coat. This beauty dries fast, has an intense gel like shine and keeps your tips safe and chip free for up to a week. I know, because I tested it myself!

So there we have it, my super girly Princess design.

Its not something I would normally go for but now its on I do like it. Maybe deep down we are all super girly pink loving girls? Or the sassy sultry queen I am just decided today she would take a break?

Either way, It’s a great design and I like it!

Thanks for reading.

Kat x







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