Box Polish Sweet Orange & Rose Hand and Nail cream

Hi all.

So this week hasn’t slowed down at all. I have so many plates I’m spinning at the moment that a few have metaphorically smashed and I had to stop for a second. Today I’ve decided I shall do nothing but work on my blog before tomorrow it kicks up a gear and I’m busy all day again.

For my regular readers out there you will know that I’ve been doing a few blogs about Box Polish. I have received some fabulous goodies and I’ve loved experimenting with the shades I have received. This time however I got my hands (and nails) on a new product that Sue will be selling.

A fabulously scented hand cream!


Box Polish – Sweet Orange & Rose hand and nail cream

Now being a nailie, I get through a lot of oils, creams, lotions and potions trying to keep my over worked hands moisturised and fresh. I currently have a pretty strict routine of what products I use and when.

So I have my go to everyday cream which is Vaseline’s Intensive Care: Healthy hands and stronger nails cream. Then if I’m finding my cuticles a little dry, especially after my bath or shower at the end of the day I slather on Soap Dodger Hand Love. I also use Danglefoot Nail Polish Chocolate + Lime nail oil to moisturise my cuticles after an intense nail session.

However I am open to trying new things so I had high hopes for this one!

The 50g metal tin comes with an easy to use screw lid. As with any creams or oils they are best kept air tight to avoid the product going off. Having a screw lid helps trap the air inside the tin and keeps it fresher for longer. The cream itself is all hand made, vegan and cruelty free; so anyone can easily use this without worrying about the environment. Even the metal tin, once emptied, is recyclable in most areas.

The creams come in a variety of scents. I was lucky enough to receive the sweet and floral smelling Sweet Orange & Rose. Normally I’m not a huge lover of anything super floral but this smells delightful. More orange based than floral. Sweet and sugary orange smells will engulf your nose when you remove the lid. It’s a gorgeous smell.

The cream itself is oil based so rather than being a liquid its more of a jelly. I’ve found using about a 5p sized scoop is enough for one hand, including my palms, between my fingers and cuticle area. I’ve also found that being oil based, you could sit massaging it in for ages and it will leave a minor residue on your palms. This could be because I already moisturise so much during the day that I don’t need as much as I’m putting on. Either way I have enjoyed sitting there massaging my hands and nails with the lotion of a night.

The ingredients are all vegan as I said earlier, and also cruelty free. This means no living thing was harmed to create this product. For the more cruelty conscious ladies out there, this product is right up your street.


Box Polish: Sweet Orange + Rose ingredients


In my opinion this cream’s scent alone is what wins me over the most. I love how fruity and fresh it smells.

Plus it works exactly like you would expect. I found that if my skin felt a little drained and dry after washing up or having a bath I slapped it on and felt refreshed and hydrated pretty much straight away. The oil like residue it leaves on the skin is minimal enough to not put me off, and that can be combated by using the correct sized amount. Don’t be tempted to grab a chunk, you honestly only need about a 5p coins worth per hand!

Currently available on the Box Polish website for £7.50. Considering how little of the cream you need, its hand made and cruelty free; this price is more than fair. Places like Body Shop will sell items for double this price and it wont have been made from the heart like Sue’s creations.

Sometimes a slightly higher price tag doesn’t mean better products. However in this case £7.50 is a price I would happily pay for a product that works well. I think once I’ve finished this tin I will mix it up and grab a different scent to try.

Other options available are:

  • Rose & Ylang Ylang
  • Rose & Geranium
  • Mandarin & Lemon Grass
  • Lavender & Geranium


To see any of these creams for yourself or to purchase any of the other available goodies please click here.

Thank you Sue for another lovely treat.

I’m a very happy and hydrated lady!

Thanks for reading

Kat x




2 thoughts on “Box Polish Sweet Orange & Rose Hand and Nail cream”

  1. This sounds so much like a lush cream I had. I actually loved the oily finish and tended to use it at night, before bed as it could soak in and the finish wouldn’t bother me so much.
    The scents sound amazing, although not that Lavendar one (not a lav fan!), I’ll def have to check the other out though!
    Vicky xx

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