Glitter and Sparkle Shop loose glitter review

Hi all.

On one of my Instagram trawling sessions, late at night all snuggled in bed, I discovered @glitterandsparkleshop.

Glitter and Sparkle shop is a UK based glitter merchant. I discovered her page when I saw some amazing glitter make up looks. So many beautiful women use her glitter to create jaw dropping eyes or big glittery lips.

Now I wear make up. Not everyday but I when wear it I go big. I contour, colour correct and make myself look like someone else entirely! But I’m not a glitter on the face kind of girl. However, glitter on the nails, now your talking!

So after getting some suggestions on what products would work best on nails, I got my hands on 3 small pots of fine glitter.


L-R: Iron, Pearl and Night fine glitter

I went for 3 very basic colours so that I could easily work them into almost any design.

I wanted to use Iron first as its a super sparkly silver. I wanted a bright colour to contrast against the silver glitter so went for a bright Barry M shade called Green Berry from the Gelly Hi shine range.

Glitter loving ladies unite, here is what I came up with.


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine – Green Berry

It’s pretty isn’t it?

There are a few aspects to this look so I’ll start with the glitter application.

I began with a base layer of Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Cotton. This is one of the best white polishes I own. It is almost a one coater if applied correctly but I tend to stick with 2 coats to make sure I get a great solid coat.


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine – Cotton

Before applying the second coat I lined my cuticle area with a good layer of Sparklea Invisibility Cloak Liquid Latex to try and stop glitter going everywhere. Then immediately after applying the second coat I began to apply the glitter.

For this I used a fan shaped nail art brush. I also placed a piece of paper under my hand to help catch any pieces that may drop.

Using the brush in a spade like motion I scooped up some glitter and began sprinkling over the wet base. I found I was being far to liberal to start with so the glitter wasn’t packed on enough. I then began layering on as much glitter as possible and allowing a minute or so dry time before touching it.

I then tipped my nail back over the glitter pot to allow any loose glitter to fall back in. That didn’t quite get rid of all the extra glitter so then using the fan brush I gently brushed over the nail to remove any that wasn’t stuck down firmly.

It was a fiddly and time consuming process, and I am still finding loose glitter everywhere! BUT I did manage to successfully cover the nails I wanted to for this design.

On the other nails I wanted a bright line based design.

For this I used striping tape. For anyone that doesn’t know what striping tape is, it’s thin pieces of tape that you use on nails to create seamless straight lines. With practise you can achieve some amazing nail art looks.


DSCN1937 (2).JPG
Barry M Green Berry and Cotton

Once the striping tape was in place I added a layer of Barry M Green Berry over the top. To achieve the sharpest lines when using striping tape it is best to remove the tape before the top layer of polish is dry.

As you can see, its not as seamless as I would like. There are a few smalls blurs in the lines but considering this is a extreme close up of the nail it’s looking pretty good!






To complete the design I added a layer of Danglefoot Nail Polish Don’t Dangle About topcoat. A recent purchase of mine, which I’ve been putting off for a while. I’ve always been a great supporter of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl topcoat but I began to find the £9 price tag a little steep when you consider I can use a bottle in a month. Hayley has come up with her own quick dry topcoat and for the reasonable price of £4, you cant go wrong. It creates a super shiny brightness to any design and dries to a gel like finish. I did need to apply 2 coats over the glitter to try and tamper down the textured feel but this is expected with any glitter product.


So, my overall opinion of the glitter from Glitter and Sparkle shop is good. The product comes in a cute little screw pot that allows easy access with no fuss. The pot is on the small side but considering they sell for £5 for 3 pots, it’s a reasonable price. As far as usage I did use quite a lot to achieve the full opaque look but there is enough in the pot for around 3 other designs. It isn’t my favourite way to add some sparkle to my nails, especially with the amazing variety of holographic nail polishes and goodies on offer nowadays. I found it time consuming and a little fiddly. However for that one off special look it is worth it. The glitter isn’t as holographic as I would like but it did allow for a lovely shimmery shine.

Would I recommend it to a friend?

I’m thinking yes, as long as your prepared to get glitter everywhere (I mean everywhere, I found some of it in my pants!) then this product is perfect for creating a one off nail look.

To purchase any of the glittery goodies or to see the amazing make up looks for yourself please check out their page on Instagram here @glitterandsparkleshop. The products are currently for sale on Depop, a selling app. If like me you don’t use Depop, you can message the owner directly via Instagram, and a Paypal transaction can be approved.


So once again, thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.

Kat x




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