Danglefoot OUAT duo – Regina & Zelena

Hi all.

Sorry for the quiet streak, I’ve had the worlds busiest week!

Monday was clean the whole house day. Tuesday I met some of my favourite nail ladies for lunch and shopping. Wednesday I was at hospital for a non emergency appointment and today I did grocery shopping and childcare until 7pm when my son went to bed and my ass hit the floor!

Anyway, whilst I’ve got the time (and no energy to move my ass) I thought I’d catch up with my blogs.

Danglefoot has come back with another great restock and this time another Once Upon A Time duo has hit the shelves.

The past duo’s have been fond favourites of mine. I also love the TV show too. So of course I had to grab the new releases.

The characters this duo has been themed on are sisters in the TV show. They are both characters you would have heard of in other fairy tale stories but in this show the whole fairy tale world gets chucked in together.

Ever heard of the wicked stepmother in Snow White? Also know about the Wicked Witch from Oz? Well in OUAT they are known as Regina and Zelena.


OUAT Zelena & Regina

Hayley worked her magic and created a great duo that suits the characters so well it’s pretty magical!


Danglefoot Nail Polish OUAT Duo – Regina & Zelena

I know you’ve spotted it. I’m shocked too.

There’s a green.

And it doesn’t repulse me! Not even a little. Not even a smidgen.

I believe that this could be the holy grail of greens!

Okay, so lets get started.

Regina is famous for her dark curses and killer poison apples. In a fit of rage Regina curses everyone from the fairy tale kingdom, The Enchanted Forest, to become trapped in our world. She starts off as a sassy, bad ass Queen and over time with the introduction of her back story and a tragic love story, she has softened to a loving mother and great friend.

Regina is often seen wearing a killer, figure hugging maroon gown when she portrays her alter ego, The Evil Queen. Cue a killer sparkly maroon polish.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Regina

This little stunner needs only 2 thin coats for this amazing deep maroon shine. The shattered holo catches the light at all angles and gives it a beautiful shimmer. There is also a hint of purple glitter in there which gives it a purple flame.

I couldn’t have picked a better colour to represent Regina. A sultry sexy shade that looks a little vampy on my long nails. The purple flame in the polish is so similar to her magic in the TV show. It’s a lovely shade that I will be wearing again.





Zelena is the OUAT version of Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West. A dark witch who turned green with jealousy after discovering her mother abandoned her but chose to keep her other child, Regina.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Zelena

Okay, are you sitting down?

I don’t hate this green.

It’s not show in its best form in the photo above. This is a super sparkly holographic number that has me questioning whether I really dislike green or not. This is 2 normal coats with no top coat. The formula is amazing as always with Hayley’s creations.

Of course, a polish named after the Wicked Witch of the West has to be emerald green! It’s a stunning jewel toned shade that I’ve fallen in love with.


So there we have it. This duo has me feeling sassy, vampy and scared that I might like green!

Great work Hayley, awesome duo.

To see the final addition of the Danglefoot Nail Polish OUAT duo click here to view Hayley’s shop.

Thanks for reading.

Kat x


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