Mani Swap with @_daisynails_

Hi everyone.

I want to just give a little insight into my current situation before I get into talking about my mani swap with the lovely Daisy aka @_daisynails_.

For those that don’t know I am a military wife. I’ve been married for 6 years on July 31st 2017. In the last 10 years of being in a relationship with my husband there have been long separations and months away from each other. Yesterday, my 3 year old son and I waved goodbye to my husband for the next 6 months. I shall now have to be both Mummy and Daddy to my little boy. This does mean that my free time will be given to him as much as possible, so nail time may be limited. Please bear with me and stick around. And thank you, to all of you for giving me a reason to write and work my butt off for this part of my life.


Okay, so now let’s get down to business.

I spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram to find new and interesting designs for inspiration. Every once in a while I find an account that is packed full of brilliant designs and of course I give them a follow.

When I stumbled upon Daisy’s account I found so many designs that I loved and wanted to recreate. I couldn’t resist asking if she would mind doing a mani swap. I was delighted when she agreed. I found one design that was SO me and got to work.

I chose to recreate Daisy’s white and rainbow mermaid design.

Here is my recreation.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Snow

The bright rainbow scales against the white background was the main reason I wanted to recreate this design. Its eye catching yet subtle.

To start this design I used Danglefoot Nail Polish ‘Snow’ from the OUAT duo. It required 2 thin coats to achieve the perfect white base.

To add the mermaid details I used a selection of Barry M polishes.


L-R: Blood Orange, Damson, Mango, On Your Marks and Kiwi

To create the perfect mermaid scale stamp design I used my favourite Uberchic stamping plate, Mermaid Life and my go to Bundle Monster monocle stamping set.

In Daisy’s original design she added some super sparkly silver scales so I couldn’t resist using the holy grail of silver holographic polishes, Harp On It from the Color Club Halo Hues collection.


Color Club – Harp On It


To top it all off I used Box Polish Top Coat. This top coat dries really well and look at the shine! I’ll be doing a proper review of this and some other goodies soon.


I couldn’t wait to see Daisy’s spin on my turquoise stone nails. I knew she would do a great job.

Here is the collage to show our designs side by side.

@_daisynails_ and @klenails mani swap


I want to thank the lovely Daisy for taking the time to do this swap with me. For anyone who doesn’t follow her already, you should! Go check out her account here @_daisynails_ and see for yourself how talented she is.

Thanks to everyone for reading!

Kat x





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