The Lego Batman Movie nail art

Hi Everyone.

Before I get into talking about my Lego Batman design I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of my readers and followers. Yesterday was my one year Blogiversary! I’ve written my thoughts and opinions and you’ve listened. I’ve made some new friends, who all write so beautifully. It’s only been 1 year but I feel so blessed to have you all.

Now enough with the smooshy bit.

This week has been half term, which I imagine for most parents has been a mixture of pain, stress and nagging children! Luckily, for the majority of it I’ve had my husband at home and my mum had my son for the weekend too. So actually for me its been reasonably good.

We decided to finish off the week with a treat and are taking my son to see The Lego Batman Movie.

Lego Batman Movie Poster.jpg


Of course, I couldn’t resist doing matching nails!


The Lego Batman Movie nails


Geeky? Yes!

I still seriously love them though!

To get that bright yellow toned gold base I used one of the new Sparklea Nail Polish shades I purchased the other day. This is Hufflepuff, named for the house in the Harry Potter stories. I will be reviewing the whole collection next week so come back for that but until then here is Hufflepuff in action on this manicure.


Sparklea Nail Polish – Hufflepuff

Using a Twinkled T nail art brush I then hand painted the Batman detail on. It was fiddly but I do have a tip when hand painting figures. Always imagine that whatever your painting has a skeleton. Start with small brush strokes and paint on the skeleton of whatever your creating and then slowly build up those bones to create the whole image. It’s a much easier way to spot any mistakes you might make.

The black is one of the newest Barry M Gelly Hi Shine range additions, Black Forest.


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine – Black Forest




So in my opinion the hand painted parts aren’t seamless. It’s a talent that you have to keep using regularly otherwise you become rusty. I did make a few small mistakes which I did manage to rectify quite easily but it does need some work.

It’s a really bright design which stands out. I cannot wait to flash my nails at the cinema today. I guess being a parent has its benefits, I get to see a kids movie without being laughed at!


Thanks for reading and sticking around for the last year of my ramblings. Here’s to the next year!

Kat x


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5 thoughts on “The Lego Batman Movie nail art”

  1. Haha, these nails are great and I love how shiny they look. The contrast of black and yellow is fab and I think the batman design is amazingly well done. Designs over more than one nail really freak me out to do, however I love how they look.
    Hope you enjoyed the movie.
    Vicky x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Vicky.
      The movie was really good, I laughed a lot more than my 3 year old did!
      Just go for it with the all over design, I bet you would be great!
      Thanks for reading honey xx


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