Box Polish product review

Hi all.

I’m back again with another review of some lovely Box Polish goodies.

Box Polish aims to provide luxury 5 free artisan products which are not only cruelty free but also vegan too. Their range of polish is extensive and nearly every option is available.

4 great colours were sent to me by the new owner of Box Polish, Sue, to try out.


In this lovely line up we have Siren, Morning Tide, There’s A Storm Coming and Blackjack.

Do you want to see some close up action of these beauties?

Here we go!

Siren is a deep turquoise glitter bomb which due to the mermaid themed name became my favourite on sight.


Box Polish – Siren
The above photo shows the polish after 3 thinly applied coats. It didn’t require a sponge to apply as the base has a deep blue tone to it.

Being part mermaid I grabbed this one first. It lives up to my expectations so well. Just look at the shimmer! Any self respecting mermaid would love this shade. It’s the perfect base for a scaled design.


Next up we have Morning Tide,

Box Polish – Morning Tide
This lovely pale grey crème is such a beautiful shade. There are some teeny silver flakes in there which add a soft shimmer. In the photo above you can’t see the shimmer so well on my nails but you can see them in the bottle. In different lights the silver is so much more visible.

The photo above shows 2 coats with no top coat. The formula is lovely and smooth so applied really well. It dries reasonably quickly too.

I was surprised by how much I loved this shade. I decided to keep it on for as long as possible.

During the first few hours of wearing this shade I did notice a discoloration. When I mentioned it to Sue, she instantly set to work trying to work out what had happened. Between us and her supplier we discovered that the silver flakes didn’t agree with the oil I use to hydrate my brushes before I clean up my cuticles.

In all honesty, even after the polish became discoloured it hasn’t put me off. The polish itself is beautiful and now I’m aware I will use non oil based products when wearing it. Sue dealt with my problem instantly and was very supportive. The sign of a great honest UK Indie.


Next up we have There’s A Storm Coming,

Box Polish – There’s A Storm Coming
There’s A Storm Coming is a sumptuous steel grey metallic. This is part of a collection called Skies.

Silver and grey metallic shades are the current nail trend and I can see why. The formula is lovely and unlike some other metallic creations I didn’t notice it falling into the grooves on my nails. It painted on smooth and seamlessly and dried well. The above photo is without a top coat and you can see how shiny it is without. I really like the name too.


Lastly there’s Blackjack,

Box Polish – Blackjack
Blackjack is a deep dark matte black with a hint of hidden sparkle.

I’m not a great lover of black nails. I think they have their place and a great shiny black can look smart and fashionable on short nails. However I do tend to avoid an all black manicure just due to my nail length. I feel it looks a tad vampy.

This polish changed my mind.

I think this metallic looking matte shade is a great alternative to a plain black. For the ladies who love a good matte polish, this is the perfect consistency and shade for you. The formula is great and it painted on well. A quick drying smooth finish matte that is good for your nails. A great addition to any nail polish collection.


Box Polish has a huge catalogue of polish available to purchase and I was pleased with the variety of the goodies I was sent.

Due to a recent change in pricing of the polish the 5ml bottles of any Box Polish is now the reasonable price of £4.99. The larger 10ml options are £8.99. Also keep your eyes peeled for any discount codes available, the most recent Valentines special was 15% off!

Thank you so much to Sue for sending me this PR Sample. I was so happy with how I was dealt with and will continue to be a customer.

To purchase any of the Box Polish goodies please click here.

I will be reviewing some more products soon, including a delicious smelling hand cream. Check back to see my thoughts soon.

Thanks so much for reading.

Kat x


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4 thoughts on “Box Polish product review”

  1. Ooh these polishes are very pretty and Blackjack is something quite stunning. Prices are always a tad higher with indies, but I think £4.99 for 5ml is a little on the steep side. However I suppose some are worth it!
    Vicky x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vicky I’m glad you mentioned the price as it’s something I’ve discussed with Sue who now owns Box Polish. She took over the business with the prices so high and has got to start from scratch.
      The polishes are fabulous though xx


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