Born Pretty ‘Heart of Gold’ holographic polish & BPX-L015 stamping plate review

Hi all.

I’m back again with another Born Pretty review!

Today’s post features a fabulous holographic polish and a cute panda themed stamping plate.

Now, most of us nail girls will admit to a fondness for anything a little sparkly. I’m a definite Holo lover myself. I could happily spend hours staring at the rainbow shine.

When I heard that Born Pretty had started stocking its own brand of holographic polishes, I was stoked. To purchase any decent holographic polish you can expect to pay anything from £6 to £15 and I can sometimes find the higher prices a little too expensive.

Born Pretty aim to sell their products at a reasonable price and I always find myself wondering how on earth the items can be so damn cheap! However they don’t skimp on quality to help reduce the cost, I’ve always been very happy with my purchases and PR Samples.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these beautiful polishes to see for myself how well they work.

Here is what I got!


Heart of Gold H10 (36892)

Look at the shine! You can a little rainbow up there in that bottle can’t you? It’s not your eyes deceiving you. That my friend, is how a great holographic polish should appear. Like a cluster of tiny sparkly rainbows on your nails.

Heart of Gold is a gorgeous gold linear holographic polish. The formula is excellent and it didn’t require hardly any effort to apply. The bottle is a decent square shape so pretty easy to hold whilst applying the polish to your nails. ‘And the cost?’ I hear you ask. Well this beauty is currently available for $9.99 on the Born Pretty website. That’s about £8 to us UK ladies.

£8 is a more than acceptable price for such a lovely polish. I would happily buy this again and I will definitely be recommending to a friend.

Here’s a shot without a flash to show the base colour at it’s best.


Heart of Gold H10 (36892)

It’s still a pretty awesome shade right?

Although, for the Holo lovers like myself, here is a flash shot.


Heart of Gold H10 (36892)

Wowzer! It’s even better on your nails than it is in the bottle!


I wore this polish for 4 days whilst I was unwell and I’m pleased to say I suffered no chips or damage. This is a great long lasting polish that any Holo loving nail girl would be proud to own!

If you don’t already own it, you should. You can grab it here.


After four days of wearing this polish on its own I had an urge to add something to it.

Along with Heart of Gold I also received a cute panda themed stamping plate to review.




Now in all honesty I wasn’t sure about the images on this plate. I don’t tend to wear fussy and over the top images when it comes to stamping. I like clean cut lines and designs that make me feel sassy and sophisticated. So these cute little panda’s are not my usual images of choice.

Then I decided why not change it up a little and see where this goes.

So I decided to use 2 images from the plate to create a panda themed manicure.

Here is what I came up with.


Heart of Gold H10 (36892)

I have to admit, they are pretty adorable creatures!

To achieve this look I used my usual stamping system of MDU stamping polish and Bundle Monster monocle stamping set.

I found that I could easily pick up the large details on this plate. However I did find that some of the smaller details like ears and eyes were less crisp. I’m thinking this was entirely down to the stamping polish I used being old and when I used another brand of polish to test the pick up, the image was perfect.

For this design I used the reverse stamping technique. I painted the white details onto the pandas using my favourite Twinkled T nail art brush and sealed the image with a layer of top coat. I then peeled the dried decals off the stamper and placed onto my nails.

The plate has 6 full nail images and 16 smaller images to create a variety of looks with no fuss or mess.

I’m not 100% convinced that I can pull this cutesy look off, however I do like how the black and white looks against the gold background. I’m thinking I will just tweak the design a little and re-create it to suit my tastes.

This plate is currently available on the Born Pretty website for the great price of $2.59. For the UK ladies that’s £2. I would happily spend £2 on a stamping plate with such a huge variety of images to choose from. Plus it worked really well considering my stamping polish is super old! Click here to go and purchase it for yourself.


For 10% off any full priced purchases use my code KLEX31 at the checkout!

Thank you so much for reading and also a huge thank you to the ladies over at Born Pretty for sending me these goodies!

Kat x










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