Nail Pop Polish – Seven Deadly sins collection

Hi all.

Sorry for my recent silence. Basically I’ve had a full on week of illness, my son being ill and other problems which has stopped me posting. I’ve been exhausted everyday so took a week’s break.

I’ve even had naked nails for the week!

That’s a sure sign I’m near to death.


So, after my absence I’m pleased to jump back in with an exciting new release from Nail Pop Polish!

Recently my Instagram feed has been filled with little snaps of an upcoming collection being made by Lyn for Nail Pop Polish. Watching the glittery shiny goodness being poured into bottles had me drooling for more. So when Lyn asked me to swatch some of the collection I jumped at the chance.

The theme for the collection is a classic.

The Seven Deadly Sins!

For anyone who didn’t go to Sunday school and have religion force fed to them, The Seven Deadly sins are the big no no’s in the Christian faith system. According to the Bible and religious teachings, these cardinal actions can open up the evil within a person.

The list is as follows;

  • Pride (having pride in oneself or actions)
  • Greed (being greedy and always wanting more)
  • Lust (uncontrollable sexual desire)
  • Envy (an intense resentfulness to someone or their possessions)
  • Gluttony (the over-indulgence of anything to the point of waste)
  • Wrath (a rage which in its intensity wishes harm to another)
  • Sloth (laziness)

To be fair nearly every human on the planet has felt these emotions at some point. I for one often find myself feeling envious of others and I certainly know what wrath feels like!


Lyn has come up with 7 shades and named each one after a sin. I was lucky enough to be sent 2 of the collection to try.

So firstly, this is Wrath.



Nail Pop Polish – Wrath

This polish had me oohing and aahing over it straight away. In the bottle its a pitch black glittery number with little flecks of gold and silver here and there. Then when you apply it to your nails it looks metallic steely grey and the gold is so much more visible. It’s a really pretty way to wear black. Its not too dark to be seen as gothic and has some sparkly hints in there.

The above photo is 2 coats with no top coat. The formula is easy to work with and the brush inside allows for easy application.




The other shade I was sent to try is Lust.


Nail Pop Polish – Lust

Lust is a lovely subtle pink shimmery number which is perfect for the coming Valentines festivities. The colour makes me think of silky undies, which I imagine would bring out the lust in anyone!

A soft sweet shade that has sparkly undertones which twinkle in light. A proper girlie pink, which considering I’m not a huge pink fan, I actually really like.

The above photo shows 2 coats with no top coat. The formula on this one is a little thinner due to the sheer nature of the polish but I still achieved full opacity within 2 coats.



For a super quick nail art look I used both shades to create this polka dot design.


Nail Pop Polish – Wrath

Two very beautiful colours which work really well together!



As for the other shades in the collection, my beloved Nail sister Bex Bates aka @polishplaytime will be debuting Sloth and Pride later today so go check out her account. You can also view them in the creation process of Lyn’s account @lynsnailart.

This whole collection will be available for purchase February 10th 2017. There isn’t a specific time as of yet but keep your eyes peeled on Lyn’s account for release info.

For anyone planning on buying the collection I was lucky enough to be given a discount code to be used on any purchase over £5. Simply enter swatch10 at the checkout for 10% off. That means more polish for your money, which is always a great thing!


A huge thank you to Lyn for this opportunity and as always it was a pleasure working with your fabulous creations.

Thanks for reading.

Kat x


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