Danglefoot Nail Polish – Bluedapest stamping design

Hi all.

So I grabbed 13 polishes in my haul from Danglefoot in December.

You know when you have too many things to choose from and you love all of the options. Well that has been my current status. Too many beautiful polishes to choose from.

It’s worse if I actually pick one. I fall so heavily in love with it that I don’t want to remove it.

So today’s design, lasted 5 days before I literally had to force myself to remove it.

Bluedapest is one of Hayley’s original shades which she re jigged and released again. I never had the original Bluedapest so have nothing to compare it to but even still I love it.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Bluedapest

I apologise for the state of the bottle. I managed to spill acetone and didn’t think to wash my hands before I touched the bottle.

The above photo shows 2 coats and no topcoat.

The polish has a lovely crème consistency and applies wonderfully. The pale blue shade would work great with most complexions. My slightly warmer skin tone gives the blue a darker appearance. As you can probably see in the bottle there are gold flakes and holographic sparkles in there. It’s a stunning polish. Perfect for any wintery themed designs!

I had an urge to add snowflakes to this base but I ended up with a futuristic flower pattern instead.

To add the details I used Uberchic Beauty stamping plate 1-01, Mundo De Unas White stamping polish and Bundle Monster’s Monocle stamper set.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Bluedapest

I really like how this all came together. The white doesn’t cover the base too much which I prefer when the base is this beautiful. Its a great combination of colours.

Currently for sale on the Danglefoot Nail Polish website for £6, which is a more than worthy cost. To purchase this or any of Hayley’s creations click here.

Thank you so much for reading.

Kat x




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