Danglefoot Nail Polish – Country Music Collection

Hi all.

In Danglefoot’s big reopening this past December as well as some of the golden oldies, Hayley released a brand new collection. A 6 piece set with a huge variety of shades and compositions all themed around Country Music.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Country Music Collection

Now I’m not really a Country music kind of girl. Although I have taken part in the odd square dance in my time. Mostly when I’ve been more alcohol than human! But I do appreciate that there’s a whole bunch of people out there who live and breathe Country Music. So I’ll do my best to be correct when I speak about it!

This 6 piece collection is so varied that there’s bound to be at least one polish that everyone will like. Me, being a polish addict, I actually like them all.

So first up we have Achy Breaky Heart,

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Achy Breaky Heart

When Hayley started showing this polish in the creation process, she hinted that she was struggling for a name. I don’t really know why but it instantly made me think of Billy Ray Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Heart. Hayley loved the suggestion and here we are.

The song Achy Breaky heart is one of those that pretty much everyone has heard. Released in 1992 by Billy Ray Cyrus (the father of Miley Cyrus) it became a popular hit.

The polish is a gorgeous bright purple jelly based wonder that is packed full of gold and bronze coloured flakes. In some lights I also see a pink flash too. It’s such a pretty girly colour but still dark enough to look smart for the more sophisticated ladies. I found this polish was fully opaque in 2 normal coats. The photo above is shown without any top coat.


Next up we have Aint Worth The Whiskey,

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Aint Worth The Whiskey

Released in 2014 by Cole Swindell, Aint Worth The Whiskey talks of a man’s disregard for the woman who broke his heart. He will happily drink to anything other than her as she ‘Aint worth the whiskey’.

This beautiful blue polish has hidden depths. Its a colour shifter. So in certain lights this colour is almost purple. The holographic glitter gives it a stunning sparkle too. A pretty perfect polish which I could see being great for any space themed art.


Next up is Carve My Name Into Your Leather Seats,

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Carve My Name Into Your Leather Seats

The line ‘carved my name into his leather seats’ is from a Carrie Underwood song called Before He Cheats. Carrie is my kind of girl. She sings about how she destroys her mans beloved car because she catches him cheating. The best kind of revenge!

This deep maroon creme polish glides on like butter. The holographic glitter and the blue shimmer just sweeten an already perfect polish. I found that it only needed 2 thin coats. Also I didn’t add any topcoat for this swatch and as you can see it’s still super shiny. A great all rounder!


Next from the collection is Rhinestone Cowboy,

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Rhinestone Cowboy

Originally released in 1975 by Glen Campbell, this one is a country western classic. I can’t imagine there is anyone on this earth that hasn’t heard this song at some point.

When I saw this polish I loved it instantly. Look at that sparkle! It looks like it would be hard to apply being flake based but it was fully opaque within 2 coats for me. I didn’t need to use the sponge on method either which makes application so much easier. I really love how this one looks. Even without the light its sparkly but add a little sunshine and its luminous!


Next up is Country Roads,

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Country Roads

Country Roads is in reference to the famous John Denver song, Take Me Home, Country Roads. It’s the typical end of the night song which gets everyone on their feet and singing their hearts out.

This yummy copper polish is packed full of holographic micro glitters. Its your typical glitter bomb. I don’t tend to wear heavy glitters but I really liked this one for the unusual copper colour. I instantly think of warm gingerbread. Don’t eat it though!

I was expecting this polish to need the sponge on method application but it painted on as normal. It does need a reasonable gap between layers otherwise it will pull up any base paint. It has a slightly textured feel when dry but this does disappear when you apply top coat.


Lastly from the collection is Bed Of Roses,

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Bed Of Roses

In all honesty, I had no idea what song this referenced to until I searched for it. I discovered its the name of a Bon Jovi love song. In the song, Bon Jovi sings about how he feels his lifestyle has got in the way of getting his dream girl. When I listened to it, my husband began to sing it word for word. Clearly he is a bigger Bon Jovi fan than I!

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This polish is more than one colour. It’s my favourite kind of polish, a thermal! A warm peach nude that turns into a deep dark blue. Of course there’s holographic pigment in it too. I often wonder if Hayley has a serious problem. There aren’t many polishes of hers that aren’t holo based. Not that I’m complaining!

Here is the polish in both warm and cold states,

It’s such an unusual colour change. I loved this one so much that I added some stamping over it. You can see that design in a later blog post.


So that’s it. This collection has some beautiful shades which any self respecting polish lover will want. My personal favourites have to be Bed Of Roses and Rhinestone cowboy.

Currently the whole collection is out of stock due to high demand but Hayley is planning a restock before the end of January so keep your eyes peeled.

Check out her shop here.

Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x


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