Born Pretty Water Decal BPY33

Hi all.

So next up in the huge Born Pretty review bundle I was sent is some fabulous sea themed water decals.


Born Pretty Nail Water Decals BPY33 #33973


I’ve had a tumultuous experience with water decals in the past. I’ve always avoided them like the plague as I’ve found them to be fiddly and messy to work with. I will admit I didn’t have much hope for these either. I wanted to try something new and so I requested a pack of these to try out in the hopes I could be proven wrong.

Was I?

Hell yeah!

I have always found the process of dunking the decal tiresome. Trying to hold the thin piece of paper between tweezers whilst submerged. Then the actual application process. The dreaded watery mess which requires towels and epic clean up skills.

Just not my thing.

However these decals are THE best I have ever used. Hands down the easiest way to add some flare to a manicure with no hard work.

For this review I have used the starfish decals to create an ocean themed look.

Here is what I came up with.


Starfish decals from BPY33


For this ocean themed design I wanted a sparkly underlay so I grabbed 2 of my beloved Color Club holo’s. On the middle nails under the decals I used Harp On It and on the outer nails and my thumbs I used Over The Moon.

These are the best holo’s I’ve found so far. The super linear holographic effect is stunning. I adore the way that the pigment catches the light. It’s jaw dropping! Well worth the slightly more expensive cost of $10 (around £8 GBP). I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for that super sparkle effect. For anyone interested in grabbing these beauties click here.

Once the base polish had dried I cut out the decals I wanted to use. I went for blue and green starfish however there were plenty of other fishy themed images to pick from.

It’s still the same process as with all water decals. Once the image is cut to your desired shape the plastic film layer must be removed and the decal is submerged into water. This allows the decal to come away from its backing paper. Much like the lick and stick fake tattoo transfers we all wore as kids!

Once the decal has come away from the backing paper you need to apply directly to the nail and begin smoothing out any excess water and creases that may appear. Normally this is where it all goes wrong for me. The image gets ruined with creases and air bubbles and it slowly becomes harder and harder to deal with. However, these decals applied smooth and easy. I did get some tiny creases towards the end of my nails. This is mostly down to my nails curved shape. But with some simple pressure and rolling out the creases disappeared quickly.

Then using a clean up brush, (I use Twinkled T’s infamous brushes which you can view here) dipped in pure acetone I began shaping the decal to my edges.

For anyone who hasn’t used decals before the acetone basically eats away at the composition of the decal. It melts away. So use a brush and carefully apply only to the parts you want rid of around your cuticle line and nail edge.

When the decal is all cleaned and sitting perfectly on your nail, simply add a layer of top coat to seal it all in and finish off the design.

For this I used HK Girl quick dry top coat from Glisten & Glow.


Overall I am more than happy with how this manicure turned out. The product works perfectly and I will be grabbing some more in my next purchase from Born Pretty Store. To view this set, which is currently on sale for the crazy cheap price of $0.99, please click here.

I was given a 10% discount code to be used against full priced items only, simply type KLEX31 at the checkout.


Before I go, for any of the self proclaimed holo-sexuals out there, here is a full on flash shot.


Color Club – Over The Moon with flash



Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x






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