‘Hello Dearie’ Mermaid vibes

Hi all.

In my last blog post; which you can view here, I mentioned I would be doing a design using Hello Dearie from the Danglefoot Once Upon A Time duo.

Hello Dearie is an olive toned grey holographic polish which shocked me into loving it. I knew I wanted to add something gold to highlight the warmer tones but wasn’t sure which way to go.

Seeing as the duo was co-created by my beloved nail sister, Becca Catlett aka @acertainbeccaa, I began stalking her blog to find some inspiration. I found exactly what I was looking for in her textured mermaid design.

Image credit: Rebecca Catlett

Now I have an awkward relationship with textured polish. I love how it looks on the nail, especially if its a glitter polish. However I don’t like the feeling of sharp glitter against my skin and catching my hair and clothes. So although it’s a beautiful design it isn’t something I would be recreating directly. So I decided on taking the mermaid vibes and twisting them to suit the fabulous holographic base that is Hello Dearie.

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Hello Dearie

I started with 2 coats of Hello Dearie on all my nails. I added a layer a top coat to seal in the base before adding any of the details.

To create this epic mermaid look I used Uberchic Mermaid Life stamping plate and Bundle Monster Monocle stamping set. The Uberchic Mermaid Life plate is one of the lucky few that has doubled up stamping images on. By this I mean a whole stamping design which is separated into layers.

For this look I used Barry M’s Gold foil effects to stamp on the scales as the first layer of the design. I also added the words ‘Lets Be Mermaids’ onto the accent nail.

Then without adding any top coat I used Mundo De Unhas Black stamping polish for the next layer of the image, the scales outline.

To apply the second layer takes a little time and patience to correctly align everything. Using a much gentler pressure on the stamp head makes applying the image easier but it can be a tricky method to attempt. I would suggest that anyone who is attempting this look would do best to place their hands onto a flat surface. Also ensure you have ample lighting so as to avoid dodgy placement.


Considering this was my first time using the double stamping method I do feel it worked quite well. I love how stark the black looks against the shimmery gold.

Whenever I do anything mermaid related on my nails I always have the urge to add some crystals and pearls. This time however, I wanted a more sedate look.

I used a simple gold starfish charm which I purchased from Born Pretty. To grab some for yourselves please click here. I also added some tiny hexagonal glitter flakes and gold caviar beads.


Avon Colortrend mixed glitter, The Sparkly shop caviar beads and gold glitter.

To ensure these were properly adhered I used a thin layer of nail glue and a dotting tool for precise placement.



Being part mermaid myself means that there aren’t many mermaid themed things I don’t like. Bikinis, clothing, tattoo’s. The whole lot. So a mermaid mani for me is my all time favourite design. However I love how this look feels different. I would have normally used blues, greens or sea based shades so this slightly darker twist is a lovely change. I also really like how the stamping came out. Clean and crisp, as you would expect when using Uberchic products.

It’s a simple but great design.

I hope that this design pleases all my mermaid sisters out there as much as it does me.

Thank you all for reading.

Kat x




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