Danglefoot Once Upon A Time duo – Belle & Rumple

Hi all.

So on the 5th December at 7.30pm, my beloved Danglefoot reopened her doors and the UK nail girls rejoiced. The Queen of UK Indies was back with a bang. With a huge restock of the popular classic shades as well as the release of the newest Country Music collection.

My polish junkie kicked in and I began hoarding pennies to ensure I could buy them all. I didn’t know exactly what shades to expect but I knew whatever they were I would want everything.

The build up to the opening was like being at a horse race. At 7.30pm, the gates opened and only the fastest would prevail!

I laugh as I type this now but at the time the fear of missing out on any was so intense. When I’m locked up in rehab for nail polish addiction issues, this moment right here is why. I couldn’t risk losing any of them!

So I grabbed my goodies and was out. I purchased at a rapid pace. When the confirmation email hit my inbox I finally relaxed and began the dreaded wait for polish delivery.

For anyone who is as effected by polish as I am, I would suggest you sit down before you see what I ended up with…


Danglefoot Haul!

13 little bottles of goodness.

It’s a thing of beauty isn’t it?

To be honest I had so many great things to use I honestly didn’t know where to start. I loved them all in their own special ways.

Part of this epic haul included the newest Once Upon A Time duo and one of them is a thermal. You know my love for a good thermal, so I decided to start there.

The duo’s are all themed around characters in the hit show Once Upon A Time. Each duo is a collaborated effort between Hayley and one lucky nail girl from the Instagram world. This duo was co-created by one of my favourite girls, who I now call as sister.

Becca Catlett aka @acertainbeccaa!

This duo is themed upon the romantic and sometimes hapless duo that is Belle and Rumplestiltskin. I bet for anyone who doesn’t watch the program your thinking ‘Belle ends up with the Beast who turns into a prince!’ Well in this realm she is stuck with a beast of sorts, the evil Mr Gold also known as Rumple.


Belle and Rumple

The polish duo to match this pair has the exact colours I would expect. Belle is a gorgeous sea blue thermal filled with flakes that becomes a startling duck egg blue when warm. Rumple’s polish, named Hello Dearie (Rumple’s catchphrase), is a holographic grey with olive and green tones and flakes.

I love them both for different reasons.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Belle & Rumple

I had to start off with the beautiful blue thermal that is Belle.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Belle

Look at that blue! There isn’t a shade of blue I don’t like to be honest but this one is pretty perfect. The glittery flakes in the deep blue jelly based polish make this one of favourites Hayley has ever made. On my first application I applied far too much to the nail. Being a jelly polish it would be best to do thin coats and allow time for drying between each layer. Once I perfected application it did only need 3 thin coats.

Being a thermal polish means there is a hidden depth. And it only gets better in my opinion.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Belle (warm)

Once it warms up, the polish takes on a speckled duck egg effect. The pale blue grey base with the glitter flakes on top has actually made me want to try other speckled polishes. That’s how good it is! As per usual I spent ages just sitting around playing with the thermal and even in transition I love this.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Belle (transition)

Such a wonderful colour!

To pair with this, the olive toned Hello Dearies.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Hello Dearies

This grey olive toned holographic polish is the perfect understated holo. Another of my nail sisters. Bex Bates aka @polishplaytime, mentioned how it would be great for anyone needing plain nails for work but that still want the holo sparkle.

I didn’t expect to like this so much as the olive tones looked almost green in certain lights. However once out the bottle and on the nail it becomes this gorgeous grey with only hints at green and olive. The green flakes don’t repulse me either! Hayley and Becca have broken through my ‘no green’ barrier and made me love this shade. I loved it so much that I added some mermaid themed nail art which you can check out at a later date!

So, if you aren’t already convinced Danglefoot Nail Polish is the UK Indie brand for all your polish needs, let me correct you. Hayley is a full time mum to 2 boys with another baby on the way. She is constantly aiming for greater things and works her bum off to keep us nail girls happy. She charges barely anything when you think about the hard work she puts into the polish and in the time I’ve been a fan I haven’t had anything but good things to say about the brand.

Consider yourself told!


This duo is currently out of stock in her new online shop but will be making a one time come back in her next restock. Two very lovely polishes for £13. Grab them whilst you can.

To visit Hayley’s shop click here.

Also check out her Instagram account to see what stock is being made in her magical kitchen!


Also, if you don’t already follow the wonderful Becca, co creator of this duo, then check out her blog, Instagram or facebook using these links.

Instagram: @acertainbeccaa

Facebook: A Certain Becca Nails

Blog: http://acertainbecca.blogspot.co.uk/



Thank so much for reading!

I’ll be back with more Danglefoot swatches soon.

Kat x






















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