Born Pretty Stamping plate BP-L052

Hi all.

Hello and welcome to 2017!

I hope your holiday was festive, happy and stress free. My Christmas consisted of lugging myself all round the M25 to visit relatives, gorging myself on great food and then collapsing back home on the 27th.

So now the dreaded festive season is over and we are finally in to the year 2017 I felt it only appropriate to start the year reviewing some amazing goodies!

As previously mentioned, I was lucky enough to be sent a tonne of goodies from Born Pretty Store. I created some great Christmas themed manicures created using their plates so was ecstatic to receive some non festive treats too.

Todays design was a super quick one that was made possible using Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L052.


This plate consists of 14 very patterned images that all derive from a tribal like pattern. There are a couple that scream Aztec, some more Mexican themed but all of them are circular floral based patterns.

I was spoilt for choice!

I decided to settle on the 6th from left on the bottom row, over a dark purple Barry M speedy quick base.

Barry M Speedy – Slip Stream

This polish is what is says on the bottle; Speedy quick dry. I managed to get a really good look using only one coat and even without a top coat this one is really shiny. Named Slip Stream to continue the speedy quick racing theme. It’s a great Autumn/Winter shade which works well on its own or as a base for nail art.

Once the base was dry, which only took around 2 minutes, I began prepping my cuticles for the stamping image.

A quick swipe of Sparklea’s Liquid Lea-Tex around the cuticle line and I was ready to go.

Using Barry M Foil Effects in Gold and the Bundle Monster Monocle Stamping set I applied the image easily.

Unlike other mainstream stamping plates, Born Pretty aim to have a huge variety for the lowest price. You might then think this would mean reduced quality. However, whenever I have used Born Pretty plates, I have always had a great success rate. The images are all cut beautifully and with such a large selection of images to choose from there is a style to suit everyone.

This plate is currently available for the amazing price of $2.39. With current money conversion rates, that works out at around £2. For 14 images, and a crisp pick up every single time, this feels more than worth the cost.


BP-L052 (36310)

To purchase this plate or to view any of the other awesome goodies available please click here.

To help make your purchases a little easier I was given a 10% discount code which is valid on all full priced items. Enter KLEX31 at the checkout to receive this great discount!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



http://www.bornprettystore.com/ – the place for all your nail art needs






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