Born Pretty stamping plate BPL-032

Hi all.

Born Pretty is a company I have purchased from so many times in the past. They have a huge variety of products for any nail aficionado. From the very basic nail care to all the different types of nail art; Born Pretty has it all.

When Born Pretty was looking for bloggers to review some of their goodies I couldn’t wait to get involved. I was lucky enough to be accepted and I now have a selection of plates and goodies to review.

To create the perfect Christmas jumper themed design I used one of those plates, BPL-032.

Here is what I came up with,



To start off the design I used the most beautiful purple base. This is A England ‘Crown of Thistles’ which I received in my last ever Meebox. It is the prettiest purple I own.

A England – Crown of Thistles
The formula is great and it paints on so well. This is one coat. The picture above is without top coat. It has a brilliant shine without. I will be wearing this colour again and again. It is jaw droppingly beautiful!

I had a moment to admire the beauty before I got down to adding the stamping detail.

Using BPL-032, Barry M Silver Foil and the Bundle Monster Monocle stamping set I added the Christmas Jumper detail.


Barry M – Silver Foil

This is the first plate I have ever used from Born Pretty and I wasn’t disappointed. The images are cut well so even the most delicate image can achieve a great pick up. If you look closely you can see the tiny needle like arms on each snowflake. That is the sign of a great stamping plate.

The images on the plate are all themed around Christmas. There are some smaller images for single details as well as the large images for full nail coverage.


Overall I really love how easy it was to work with plate and I cannot wait to have a play with all the other goodies I was sent!

This plate is currently available on the Born Pretty as part of a bundle deal. With 55% off you will receive 5 plates for $12.12! Considering most stamping plates average between £5-£15 each, a bundle of 5 for that price is amazing! Well worth a look, which you can do here.

To follow Born Pretty Store on social media check out their Instagram account @bornprettystore.

To reach the Born Pretty Store website directly please use this link: http://www.bornprettystore.com/

Also to receive 10% off selected items use the code KLEX31 
Thanks for the goodies Born Pretty.

And thanks to you for reading!

Kat x



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