Born Pretty Christmas stamping bundle review

Hi all.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Only 4 days till the whole season is done!

Also only 2 more designs till Christmas.

Today’s design is a simple Christmas themed stamping design creating using all the goodies in the Born Pretty stamping goodie bag that I received as part of their 6th Birthday celebrations.

Within this goody bag was a Christmas themed stamping plate, a pack of 10 scrapers and a super squishy Christmas stamper.

Celebration BPX-L008 stamping plate came in this cute little cardboard wallet. Perfect for the ladies who aren’t sure how to store their plates. The stamper is a metal based holder with a super sticky squishy stamping head that I had no trouble picking up images with. To get your hands on this set all you had to do was repost an image on your social media account and then fill in some details on a direct link. And then Voila! Freebies in the post. Considering how easy it was to get these goodies and they were free it was a complete bargain.

The plate has lots of Christmas themed images on. There are some smaller details and a few larger images for the whole nail.


Celebration BPX-L008
For this design I used a simple swirl image and some classic Christmas colours.

To get a gorgeous deep red base coat I used 2 coats of Wine O Clock from my love, Danglefoot nail polish.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Wine O Clock


This is one of Hayley’s classic shades which she rebooted in her big reopening. Its a jelly based deep red with micro glitter and pigment. It does have a slightly thicker texture to it which I struggled with at first but with a good shake and thin coats I managed to get good coverage in 2 coats. The image above shows it with top coat.

To this base I added a simple swirl design from the Born Pretty plate using Barry M Foil Effects in Gold.


Barry M – Foil Effects Gold
Using the Born Pretty stamping set made applying this stamped design super easy. The stamper was so squishy it picked up the images perfectly and I had no problems when affixing to the nail. It takes a steady hand to apply in the rolling method so as to avoid stretching the images but this only needs time and practice.


Celebration BPX-L008
Overall I really like the stamping bundle. I love a good freebie. It took no more than 3 minutes from start to finish to order the bundle, the only thing I would say is be prepared for a wait. Due to the company being China based it can take anything up to 8 weeks for products to arrive.

I would happily recommend Born Pretty stamping plates and their super squishy stamper for anyone looking for a decent set. Sadly this set isn’t for sale on their website as it was part of a bundle but to purchase the plate individually please click here.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your Christmas Eve Eve.

Kat x

 To reach the Born Pretty Store website directly please use this link: http://www.bornprettystore.com/
Also to receive 10% off selected items use the code KLEX31 






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