Christmas lights and Danglefoot

Hi all.

A little while ago, my all time favourite Indie brand Danglefoot Nail polish had to close her business due to a house move. In all honesty I have waited with baited breath for her return. Hayley has become one of my dearest friends so she teased and tempted me with snap shots of what was to come when she re opened shop. Like an addict with their dealer, I took any information and pictures I could just to ease the pain of waiting.

Then she asked me to help create her website. Being a mum to 2 young boys whilst having another one on the way (fondly named ‘Avocado’) and with the moving house problems she had little time to give to the website. So of course I leaped at the chance to help out and enjoyed having sneaky peeks at what she had been up to!

I have always loved almost all of Hayley’s creations but as with anything I had my favourites. Cosmic Girl was high on that list. The silvery holographic glitter would take my breath away every time I wore it. Then Hayley announced that due to a stocking issue she would be changing the formula on it. I was apprehensive that the new version wouldn’t have the same punch as the first.

When the shop reopened I knew I had to grab a bottle of Cosmic Girl 0.2 to see how it faired against the first.

I’m pleased to say, I love it. Almost as much as the first version!

Here is a simple Christmas design using Cosmic Girl 0.2. A full review of both versions will appear on my blog at a later date, with side by side comparisons.


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Cosmic Girl 0.2

Isn’t that silvery base the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? This photo doesn’t begin to capture the true holographic nature of the polish but its beautiful. The formula is amazing and it only required 2 painted coats, no sponge dabbing for this beauty!

I wanted to add a touch of colour to the base but not cover it. I’ve seen so many Christmas light designs floating around right now so I thought I’d give that a go.

Using Uberchic stamping plate Christmas 01, Mundo De Unas Black stamping polish and  Bundle Monster monocle stamping set; I created the decal of the Christmas lights using the reverse stamping decal technique.


MDU -Black stamping polish

To give the bulbs a bright flash of colour I knew the perfect polishes to use. Another one of the Danglefoot classics is the Live Colourfully neon collection. To create this design I used 5 colours from the set. I have previously reviewed the whole collection of these, which you can view here.


L-R: Dance all Night, Break the Rules, Dress to Impress, Spike the Punch and Make and Entrance

Being neon, they are bright and eye catching on their own but over the holographic silver base they look even better!

The whole design took me no more than an hour to create. The end product is my favourite Christmas themed design I’ve done this year. A simple yet stunning way to show some festive spirit (even if your the Grinch like me!)

To finish it all off I added a layer of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl topcoat.

Job done!

Thanks for reading!

Keep your eyes out for my epic Danglefoot haul blog later this month!

Kat x



To purchase any of Hayley’s creations please click here.




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