Box Polish swatches and review

Hi all!

Being a part of the nail community I sometimes discover amazing indie brands that don’t get enough air time. The cute little handmade businesses that work their butts off to keep us nail polish addicts happy.

I heard about Box Polish a while ago but never really looked further into the brand. I then heard that the brand was being handed over to a new owner and to expect some great things.

Then out of the blue, Sue Curran, the new owner and creator of Box Polish, asked if I would be willing to swatch some of the new goodies she was making.

Of course I said yes!

I was sent 4 polishes and on first glance they are all beautiful.

First up is Neptune, a chunky glitter packed turquoise polish.


Box Polish – Neptune

This is a textured as it looks! I absolutely adore the colour of the polish but the texture isn’t for me. I don’t mind glitter polish if the textured feel can be smoothed down with topcoat but even after 2 thick coats of topcoat its still very textured. Personally it isn’t my favourite from the 4 but I do think it would be a great topper over another colour. Also I think using a dotting tool to pull individual glitter flecks out to create glitter nail art would be another great way too use it.

This is one painted coat and 2 sponged on coats. Plus 2 thick layers of top coat.

The formula is great for a chunky glitter polish, its just not for me.

Next up we have Firework, a deep black scattered glitter polish.


Box Polish – Firework

This beautiful black polish looks great on. The formula is great and it paints on really well. I’m my opinion its quite similar to a jelly polish in its consistency. The glitter is more spread out in this one so you get a much better over all look. This looks amazing on its own but I also think it will look great as the base for a galaxy design. Also great for this wintery dark time of year.

I will be wearing this one again!

Next up we have Blueberry Satin, a shimmery purple blue that dries to a satin finish.


Box Polish – Blueberry Satin

This one is very similar to a couple of other polishes I have. Although the main difference for this one is the satin finish. The photo above doesn’t really do justice to how demure it looks with the satin finish. Its a gorgeous sultry lilac blue shade that lives up to the name Blueberry Satin.

This is 2 coats with no top coat. You can see how shiny it is even without the top coat. It’s a great polish.

Last up we have Empower, a deep red jelly packed with holographic glitter.


Box Polish – Empower

I knew straight away this was my favourite. I cannot capture how sparkly the holographic glitter is but trust me its there! The formula is the perfect jelly polish which looks edible its so good. This is 2 thin coats with no top coat.

I did have a play around to see if it would work as the polish in a pond manicure but the shade is too dark to make it work properly. However I will still be wearing this polish again and again.



So my initial opinion of the brand is a great one. This lady has taken over a brand and is taking her first big steps into the indie world. From what I’ve seen, she knows what she is doing! Box Polish is well worth a look for any ladies who love their UK Indie brands who specialise in vegan friendly and 5 free goodies.

To check out any of the goodies that Box Polish currently sell please click here. All the polishes are available in 10ml or 5ml options.

Also keep your eyes on @boxpolish for any new releases and offers!

Thanks for the opportunity Sue!

Cannot wait to see what else you come up with!

Thanks for reading.

Kat x








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