Princess Nail Lacquer Cool Girl Collection

Hi all.

I recently went on a bit of a detox and clear out in my polish cupboard. I found so many unloved pretties I felt a little sick! So after a de-stash I actually made over £100 in profit. Thing is, my great plan to keep it safe and not spend unless I became desperate went out of the window within one week!

I know, I’m a mess!

So making sure I had enough left for the big reopen of Danglefoot Nail Polish (which was heart stoppingly good!) I grabbed myself a gorgeous crème collection from Princess Nail Lacquer.

Aptly named the Cool Girl collection, the shades are muted and yet they still caught my eye. I couldn’t resist.


There are 4 polishes in the collection.

First up there’s Let’s Keep It Fun,


Princess Nail Lacquer – Let’s Keep it Fun

This lovely muted lilac shade made me think of a beautiful wintery Lilac Bush. The shade is pretty enough to wear alone and yet also great as a base for any nail art. The formula was perfect and I am pleased to say the whole collection are definite one coaters. The picture above shows the polish with 2 coats and no top coat. It has a muted shine so would need a top coat for the high shine effect. I couldn’t wait to use this one. It was the base for my Winter Animal design, which you can view here.

Next up in the collection is Try And Keep It Platonic,


Princess Nail Lacquer – Try and Keep it Platonic

Not being a lover of green, I wasn’t sure I would appreciate this one. Once I had a play around I did think it would look great with some gold nail art added over the top so I’m hoping to do that in the future. I also had a play with stamping and I can confirm that this collection is creamy enough to stamp with. I also used this polish in my Winter Animals design. This polish is a great one coater.

Next up there is I Wanna Be Free Like You,


Princess Nail Lacquer – I Wanna Be Free Like You

I love this shade! It’s the perfect wintery grey. I really love the blue tones to it. I think on certain skin tones it may wash people out. On me, I just love how it looks. Again, this is a great one coater that can be used for stamping. I don’t think I would want to cover this too much with nail art so maybe something simple to emphasise the gorgeous colour.

Lastly from the collection is I’m A Cool Girl,


Princess Nail Lacquer – I’m A Cool Girl

Initially I thought I would hate this shade. I’ve never really worn browns before. However once it arrived I really liked it. I think this shade would suit all skin tones too. The paler ladies will make the colour appear darker, the mid tones and darker ladies will be able to wear it as an almost nude colour. It’s the colour of melted milk chocolate. Definitely good enough to eat! Again, this is a great one coater and would work as a base for any nail art.



Being pretty new to the brand I haven’t had much experience with Princess Nail Lacquer’s polish. During her recent rise to Indie stardom I only had 1 of her polishes. However as time has gone on I have begun to start a mini collection, now owning 7.

Ashleigh aka Princess Nail Lacquer, has amazing customer service and is great at communicating with her clients. She works her butt off bringing out new polish and I have loved watching her grow into one of the big UK Indies.

Overall, I love this collection. The formula is spot on. I love the muted shades which suit this Winter season perfectly. I would happily recommend the brand to a friend and will easily be buying more.

Available to purchase as individual polishes for £6 each or the whole collection in 10ml bottles for £20 I feel this is a collection you cannot afford to miss!

To view or purchase any of Princess Nail Lacquers goodies click here.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x





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