#UKIndieNAC Winter Animals

Hi all.

So I’m late! The deadline for December’s first entry to the #UKIndieNAC was due the 6th December but due to a bloody awful cold I didn’t get done in time. A few days late but I’m still entering.

Winter animals had me a little stumped. There are so many different animals I could use as inspiration. Around this time of year you start to see so many reindeer, polar bears and penguin nail designs. I wanted something a little different.

One of my secret hobbies, which started with my beloved Grandad and Father, is bird watching. My Grandad, who passed last year, would spend hours with a pair of binoculars in the woods near his house. On Sunday’s, we would visit his house and walk for hours looking for birds and wildlife. As a child I even had a small pair of binoculars that I shared with my cousins to look at the birds we found. It’s one of my fondest childhood memories of my Grandad.

When he passed last year we all felt the void so deeply. No one is prepared to lose a loved one. Ever.

However, we did find some solace in his passing. Since the day he left this Earth I have never seen so many robins. A beautiful robin lives near my house and every morning it sings it’s little heart out. Being a spiritual person I like to believe that if my Grandad could be here in any form it would be a robin.

So if I was going to do any wintery animal it would have to a robin.

Princess Nail Lacquer – Let’s Keep It Fun

To start the design off I used 2 coats of Princess Nail Lacquer’s Let’s Keep It Fun from the Cool Girl collection. I purchased the whole collection so there will be a review of those at a later date. However I will say, the polish paints on so nicely. Its creamy and easily a one coater!

As usual I added a layer of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Topcoat to seal the base and then got down to work on my robin decal.

To create this I used Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-S155 which is part of the Fuzzy and Ferocious plate which I purchased from Rainbow Connection. You can purchase these here.

BM-S155 Stamping Plate

Using Mundo De Unas Black stamping polish, Bundle Monster Monocle stamping set, Twinkled T nail art brushes and 3 Barry M polishes I created the reverse decal and filled it in.

Barry M – Cotton, Satsuma and Tiki Hut

Then using a thin layer of top coat I sealed the decal and began to work on my holly leaves.

Using the double layered holly stamping image from the Uberchic stamping plate Christmas 02. For the leaves I used Try And Keep It Platonic, also from the Cool Girl collection. For the berries I used Pop You Cherry from the Ard as Nails Hashtag collection.

To place the robin decal I used an orange stick to peel away the decal and then place onto the nail. Using a scalpel I cut the decal to shape and then sealed it all with a layer of HK Girl’s topcoat.


Overall I love how these came out. It’s my twist on a wintery scene, with no sign of snow! It brought me great pleasure to add a robin into the design. The muted colours of the Cool Girl collection from Princess Nail Lacquer really set this design off. The robin is a clear focal point.

Thank you all for reading.

To take part in the #UKIndieNAC challenge click here and follow the simple rules.

Kat x


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