Houndstooth and Red design

Hi all.

It’s beginning to get really cold where I live. To the point that my thick winter coat and gloves have come out of storage and are being used most days.

This time of year, one print is extremely popular in winter woolies. It’s a classic pattern, normally in black and white. Originating from the Sottish Lowlands it would be found on most woven wool garments. Its one of the most famous patterns which show perfect tessellation (where one shape can fit against itself perfectly in a pattern)

The one and only Houndstooth!

Image credit: Wikipedia

I’ve seen this design floating around social media a lot lately. Whether it be clothing, shoes or nails; it’s a great design to add some winter class to any outfit.

I wanted to recreate the look on my nails with deep red and silver accents. Here is what I came up with.

Barry M Coconut Infusion – Island Fever

I love this look! The Houndstooth is beautiful. It’s such an intricate design and yet with the help of a stamp it only took minimal time.

To start the design I began with a base of Island Fever on all nails except my ring finger. The Barry M Coconut range is amazing, I have previously reviewed this collection here. It paints on really well and dries to a beautiful high shine look.

On my ring finger I used Barry M Cotton from the Gelly Hi shine range.

Barry M – Cotton

My bottle of Cotton is beginning to feel a little gloopy to work with. It is one of my older polishes so I will replace it soon, especially considering how cheap Barry M’s can be to purchase. For this design I used one thick coat.

I then added a layer of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl topcoat to seal the base. Once this was touch dry I grabbed my go to stamping set and a Born Pretty stamping plate to create the Houndstooth design.


I have never had a problem with picking up images with the Mundo De Unas stamping polish and Bundle Monster set. I find they work so well together. For anyone who hasn’t had much luck with stamping, may I suggest you try them. You wont be disappointed!

I had originally planned to do a silver accent nail but whilst painting I loved how great the red looked against the houndstooth. I pondered on ways to add the silver in and came up with idea of adding studs.

I know that studs are one of those products which can divide the nail community. Some people love them and use them a lot, whilst others cant stand the raised 3d effect and wont use them at all. I fall somewhere in the ‘I love them’ category. I absolutely adore the look of a nail adorned with studs. I also don’t mind the raised aspect. I do however find it annoying that some of the more angular studs don’t stay on very well. The more pointed and shaped they are the more the catch on pretty much everything. I lose them whilst brushing my hair, showering and making dinner (imagine if you will; me trying to dig out one of my charms that’s fallen in to the pot of mashed potato I’m about to serve up!)

To assist in the longevity of my studs I tend to always use a small amount of nail glue to affix the charms too. I have found that using topcoat or just pressing into the base polish does not hold the charms well at all.

For this design I used 3 triangle charms, a small silver hoop and 2 aurora crystals on each nail. I imagined an exotic necklace resting over a red dress and this is what I came up with. All of my charms are from Born Pretty store. The cheapest and easiest way to get your hands on any nail charms is to buy them wholesale from Born Pretty. I’ve grabbed some bargains over my time and I love having a splurge on there.

Click here for the direct link to the prism studs.


As previously said, I adore the way these came out. I always feel classy wearing a red polish and then adding the Houndstooth it feels amazing. The silver charms just make it all the more great in my eyes, but sadly they did only last a few days. It’s a classic hazard with studs.

I liked this design so much that when it began to chip after 4 days, I then changed it up to create another look. Keep your eyes peeled for that design next week!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



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